Ham at EDM Play-By-Play Thread

10 minutes left in WPG's blow-out of MON, so I thought I'd start this thread.
Go Cats GO!!!

The only thing I have to say is: I wish we had a running game. It would make
winning alot easlier.

Hank said the exact same thing, cats need better supporting cast around Masoli; that includes a good running game.

Otherwise we are back to the Austin era of putting a lot of pressure on the qb, with our o-line it may be a long night.

Running game is a bit on hold until either White is ready to start (home opener?) or Green is completely healthy again. Until then Whitlock and Timmis will have to hold down the "fort".

Looking forward to a good game - hopefully NOT delayed by any weather!

Lets go Cats!!

Hold that thought, looks like the game is already delayed.

Ten minute delay, with another cell in the area that might cause trouble a bit later.

Game to start at about 10:25 EDT

Welcome back TT!!!

GREAT catch on that 2nd down conversion! Bet that felt good to him! :slight_smile:


Sweet drive boys. Great start.


That was a lot closer to a pick than I would have liked. But it wasn't, so I'm OK with it.

Tasker ya baby !

Looking real sharp. Lets bring it D

Absolutely! That's the way to begin the game. Now to keep the Eskies from doing the same thing! >:(

Two passes close to being ITs in that drive.

Close only counts in horseshoes and last time I checked this was a football game and our guys scored a TD to start the game.

Masoli’s consecutive completions: currently 3.

Weird how we can't ever win in Calgary but seem to play well in Edmonton.