HAM at CAL Predictions

Predict the score!

Well it has been a while since we’ve faced one of the top ranked teams. I hope it’s a competitive and well played game by both sides.

We may very well lose this one but I think our 9-2 record deserves some optimism especially coming off the bye week.

Ham 24

Cal 21

More than anything I would just like to get through this one without any major injuries.

Ready or not west division, here we come!!

I predict a Ticats win in a close one. :wink:

21 -18

If we control our bone-headed penalties (aka beating ourselves) we win this game.

With our limited players I’m calling it at Ham. 28…Cal. 25…it’s the biggest test of the year for our defense…if they come up big it should be a good win!

Various fans circle various games on the schedule. Our visit to Calgary has been a measuring stick for many years, this year is no different. This is the game I look forward to.

  1. We always know we will be playing a high quality opponent.

  2. In a hostile environment.

  3. Always hope there is a snow storm of some sort…doesn’t look like it gonna happen this year.

If we can overcome these obsticles, we can win any game anywhere. Unfortunately we haven’t fared well. In fact horrible.

Here is what is NOT going to happen, like the last game against Stamps:

  1. We get two TDs from ST.
    2 Eric Rogers will misses 5 passes that hit him in the hands.
  2. Facing a back up Qb.

We can not rely on Stamps to beat themselves.

We will not win if we give up, as in the last game against Argos.

  1. 5 sacks
  2. 6 turnovers
  3. Team sleeps for most of the first half.

BLM will make us pay for any turnovers AND their D will not fold like a cheap tent.

However, we have advantages:

  1. Two weeks to prepare
  2. This may be a trap game for them, as they have beaten Edmonton back to back.
  3. No one expects us to win, inspite of our record.

Whether we win or lose, it will be good for us. If we win, gives team confidence that they can beat a top team in Calgary with BLM(where the Grey Cup is this year). Also break that nasty losing streak.
If we lose, we know there is work to be done.

Prediction: Calgary 29 Hamilton 15

This game might shape up to be a good one.

Calgary - 36

Hamilton - 24

and if a third team plays - 36

I think we can beat the Stumps on their own turf.

IMHO it depends on our ability to put constant pressure on BLM. Since his return, he has not been sacked, but I noticed that he gets a little riled up when there’s pressure (like getting rid of the ball quickly so he doesn’t get hit). I get the impression that he’s very conscious (and afraid) of being injured again. Therefore, we need a big game from the D, especially our front 4, to get pressure on him and, hopefully, deliver a few hard-hitting sacks.

Also, it appears that when pressured, BLM relies a lot on Begleton (in the past 2 games, he’s made an impressive 17 catches on 27 attempts, and none of those passes were over 25 yards).

The defense knows it’s up to them to win the game. If they show what they’re capable of, we’ll get the W

Hopefully Condell and Evans have a plan to contribute a little as well. ;D

Cats. 36
Stumps. 27

I’ll be at this one, hope we can kick some butt this time out


we should win by minimum 10 points.

I’ll go with 24-14

23-20 Ticats - I hope! Would love to beat the horses on their own turf and I think - in spite of the injuries - we have the team to do it. Good to see Teddy back (not that I really missed him since I didn’t see the Labour Day game unfortunately). Looking forward to a good game.

From the heart the Cats always win, 27-18 Ham. :wink:

Cats 28-20, according to my predictions on ‘Tiger Cats All Access’ and I am really, really wanting a Rider Green victory over the Als.

Our collective prediction works out to be:

Ham - 25

Cal - 23

Should be a good game between two very talented and well coached teams.

Could be a Grey Cup preview, including the location.


Enjoy the game!