Ham at BC Predictions

Predict the score!

Well, BC had us on life support last time we played, fortunately they weren’t able to pull the plug on us.

I dont have a great feeling about this one but maybe this will turn out to be a statement game for Dane Evans.

Whether it’s this week or next week against Toronto, I’d like to see Evans have that break out game that many have been waiting/hoping for.

Ham - 30

BC - 24

Take care of the ball and dont extend their drives with penalties.

Cats 26-30

Mountain Lions 19-23

And I predict D Braley will not have the team sold by nights end

GCB - It would be great to see Evans have a break out game this week on the road and follow it up with another good performance on Labour Day (which I unfortunately will miss as I’ll be out of the country in Great Britain - somewhere in the Scottish highlands I believe).

That score sounds good or maybe 32-28 for the eastern cats. Either way I hope it’s a good game for our cats and better than last week’s slog fest in Ottawa. Very glad that the Ticats have a bye after Labour Day so I’ll only miss one of their games and with a light slate of games for the long weekend I won’t miss too much football at all - about 7 games.

They had us last game and we got lucky…look out for Reilly…if our defense steps up like they can we will be okay…but if not B.C. 35__ Cats 25

CFL.ca reporting that Luke Tasker has been added to the 1-game injured list and will miss this game:

TiCats win in a close one 24 - 18

Sounds about right to me.

With Ted and Breulx out on defence and Tasker out on offence; its going to have to be a game offence shows up; cause D will not be able handle BC’s offence.
Looking forward to the running game and cats return game as the edge.

Game is in BC; late game; BC is a deperate team. Cats have not had a convincing win since playing Winnipeg. BC will not make same errors as Ottawa last week.

Prediction: BC 30, Cats 23

Cats are a 3.5 favourite

If we win, it’s not by 4.

I’ll take BC 23-20

We have always struggled in BC, including the June Jones gag job.

Last game BC caught HAM with a good pass protection scheme that manhandled the defensive line most of the night which sprung White loose and set up the pass…basic football.
Hard to imagine HAM letting this happen again.
There are reasons why BC is a one win team and HAM is 7 and those reasons will be evident.

21 17 TiCats. Anyone watching in the Haliburton area? Couple of TiCat fans looking for somewhere to watch the game. This town closes down early. McKecks looks like the only sports bar in town and it closes at 9p.m. Saturday’s. ?

I don’t have a good feeling about this game . Tasker and Teddy are not playing . The Peg won last night with a strong running game and a solid D . Here’s hoping that we can do the same .

Banks, Mike Jones, and Marshall will have great games , if we win .

Cats 24 Lions < 24

Pat Lynch ( no feelings were hurt in this posting)

I expect the offence to get the job done tonight. However, despite their good game in Ottawa, my concern is the DBs. How badly will Burnham burn 'em?

The challenges, and distractions, of playing in Vancouver almost always have me not expecting a TiCat victory out there. This time, I’m hoping and, actually, thinking that Orlondo will have them focused enough to pull out another close win, just covering the spread.

It seems like whenever we play out there the games are high scoring affairs and are also usually played tight to the vest between these two teams . It seems like they are usually decided by a td or less and in the last minute or less on the clock ( for reference see last season’s game as an example >:() .

So saying all that and after gazing into my crystal ball ? I’m seeing another close high scoring game between these two once again .

Final Score : Us 31 Them 28 8)

Looking forward to yet another Cat Fight tonight…CFL Style !!! :slight_smile:

Coach O having a nice walk this morning

Just kick the field goal, Orlondo.

A turning point happened out there in 2009. The start of the Cats returning back to respectability. Game 2 on the schedule and the Cats leading late in the game. Buck Pierce starts to march the Lions for a late game winning drive. All of a sudden Otis Floyd picks off Pierce to seal the victory for us.

That would be the start of a 9-9 season that finally soothed those 3-15 wounds.

So good things can happen in BC. :slight_smile:

Wow! Hard to believe that was 10 years ago. I remember that pick like it was yesterday.

Our collective wisdom suggests…

Ham - 26

BC - 24

I dont know what to expect with this game, but it should be entertaining.

My ideal score for us this game would be

Us - 42

Them - 14

I like to dream big…

Enjoy the game everyone

Oskee Wee Wee

If BC loses this one, I think Claybrooks gets fired.

Ticats win by 5.