I know this is way off topic but how many kids did you guys get to the door this year?

We had 5?!?!? And last year maybe 20.

I live by Upper James and Hester so it's not like I'm in the boonies.

Is the greatest day of the year dying? Or was it the weather or was everyone home watching the Ticats?

I had only 46 and I live 2 blocks from THF. Not many kids around anymore. I'm sure there were tons up on the mountain in the new subdivisions.

There were a ton of kids and parents at the mall. Since when do kids trick or treat at the mall?

Surprisingly, I would estimate about 30 children came to our door last night. I even had as many as 10 at one occasion. We usually get between 6 to 10 of them. With the rain, I thought we would get less than that. Instead, we set a Halloween record for our house.

Go figure.

I had only 9 kids and I live right in the heart of Saskatoon!

Was at the mall yesterday P/U costumes and it was swamped with kids and their parents trick or treating...again, I NEVER rick or treated at the mall as a kid? :expressionless:

How many kids last year?

Which kinda sucks cuz that means less left over candy for you, unless you have kids than you get to steal theirs lol

Maybe. We live almost beside my son's grade school school and you'd think theyd be lots of kids, sadly no.

I think Halloween is in trouble.

None last year and 6 two years ago! :?

It's the same reason why schools are closing in Hamilton and a lot of other cities, people are not having as many kids.

Quite possible.but living by a school k-grade6 there should be more than 5 show up to the door.

We got a box of chocolate bars about a week before but we nibbled those away and had to buy more.

Our children came home with some good stash. They offered, but I let them with their goodies. Besides, I was candied out by then.

I live in Cambridge & got about 10 kids. Last year, it was about 30. When the game started, I put a bowl of candy on the porch because I live alone. By half-time when I went back up, it was empty, I suspect someone took the whole thing. The thing I noticed about Halloween this year was how quiet the streets were...when I was a kid, the streets were full of screaming kids in costumes. Even when kids came to my door, they knocked, there was no yelling "trick or treat!". Kind of sad how things have changed, Halloween used to be even better than xmas, IMO.

We`ve left the bowl on the porch as well in past years, but found it with some candies still remaining when we arrived back home.

When I was a kid, in Hamilton, there were hordes of us running the streets on Halloween. However, then we didn`t get the amount of good stuff (chocolate bars and chips) that the children now get. I was excited then if I found one or two of the bars or bags when I emptied my sack at the end of the night.

How times have changed.

Cambridge also. We keep totals. Last 5 years: 83, 79, 86, 88, 45!

I think that the silly hysteria being used to do weather forecasts these days didn’t help. If you listened to them yesterday you would have thought that a giant sleet and ice blizzard was going to arrive last night.

The real missing gang was the teenagers. We had almost no stragglers after 7:30 and we usually get about 20-25 between then and 8:30.

0 Our HOA doesn't allow anything to happen around here they suck

Wow!!! Those numbers would be impossible for us!!! And til 8:30!! Our crowd, if you can call it that, usually disappears around 7pm.

Sir, you have my blessing have a nice long nap today!!!!!!!

We had 54 after about 30 last year.

Halloween has almost become more of an adult holiday instead of one focused around the kids. I was involved with some of the celebrations for Halloween on Church Street in Toronto the last few years and that would draw thousands of costumed adults each Halloween - and watching the news last night there were all kinds of huge Halloween parties in places like the Liberty Grand in Toronto that had over 4000 people.

I had to pick up a costume to wear to my bowling league Halloween night this past Wednesday and at Target over half the Halloween costume section was for adults - not kids.

Here is an article from Forbes titled - 'How Adults Have Hijacked Halloween From Kids'

[url=http://www.forbes.com/sites/larissafaw/2012/10/26/how-adults-have-hijacked-halloween-from-kids/]http://www.forbes.com/sites/larissafaw/ ... from-kids/[/url]

At the apartment building I'm in on the west mountain in Hamilton they always distribute candy from the lobby. They got so few kids and had so much stuff leftover that when I walked through the lobby around 9:00PM they offered me 'some' treats. Before i knew it this is what I got. (so much for my diet - lol).


Nice haul, Pat.

If you're worried about your diet, I'll be glad to take the Crispy Crunch and the Mr. Big from you!!!