Halloween weekend football uniforms

I think each team in the CFL should wear Halloween oriented uniforms for the weekend.

What I mean is...and for example....

  1. BC would have orange helmets that are painted up to look like pumpkins.

  2. Ottawa would have Count Dracula uniforms with black jerseys with the front being white that outline a black cape and white helmets with a black hair printed on the helmet as hair.

  3. Saskatchewan would have Frankenstein uniforms since Frankenstein is green and black.

  4. Toronto could have uniforms that look like Boo Berry the ghost from General Mills.

  5. Calgary could wear hot pink and red uniforms that form the outline the character Frankenberry:


  1. Edmonton would look good wearing Count Chocula uniforms since a light spattering of green and gold would look good with brown and white.

That would be entertaining to see a bunch of Boo Berry ghosts running around on the field, etc. That would produce intrigue and maybe a better gate.


Making it a fan costume contest or something might draw more people.


That works for me. Do both!

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I always go as Dickie Harris.
I was thinking of changing it up this year....maybe Howie Meeker.

So far Ottawa has dressed like ghosts!

And the most ridiculous post award goes to

The Als have done it many times!
But having the players do it is stupid and degrading

During player introductions this tune should be blaring over the PA system: Thriller