Halloween is almost here.

I want to wear something related to the CFL.

Costume ideas?

Referee outfit with Dark Glasses and a blind stick

I may steal that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh…get it custom made and have the name be I.C. Nothing

Not exactly original though, is it.

Nope. Cute, but not original. We have people on here who do that every Hallowe'en.


Perfect costume. You can go as someone masquerading as someone masquerading as a football player. :lol: :lol:

If the CFL really wants to be original, the Montreal Mummies will host the Calgary Vampires on October 30, 2011 at Perceval Molson Stadium. Both teams will play in their respective costumes in celebration of Halloween.

Hey, I know it's not playing the GC in Hawaii, but I thought it would appeal to the op. :wink:

Would you amend the rules to allow biting? Just for that game of course. 8)

That would really only be fair as long as the Mummies could summon scarab beetles. :smiley:

I'm OK with that as long as the beetles count as a man on the field. Roughrider rules are still illegal. :lol:

ok, now someone tell me what planet this is????

Brutal Planet known as "EARTH". :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, that makes sense. It sure isnt Vulcan. :wink:

:lol: Ouch.

If you really want to scare the hell out of people dress up as a lingerie linebacker.

Lol shudders

i was toying with the idea of masquerading as a tiger-cats fan

As long as you wear a necklace made of human ears, that might be terrifying :lol:

For you PC people, I don't condone violence of any sort, even against Argo fans.

I was going to get multiple colored poster boards and make a 1 dimensional Eric Cartman costume with my arms sticking out on the outsides like this:


The head is too big and the waist is too small in the example, but it will all be poster board.

He'll be decked out in the Alouettes team colors, or as a CFL referee with the red Canadian leaf on the cap. Maybe I'll have him decked out as an overweight Toronto coach (like Jim Barker).

"Kie (Kyle)!!! It's all your fault the Als lost twice!"