Halloween Game - This one's for Ron. What cha dressng up as?

So what's everyone wearing?

Okay. Last game of the season, playoff run, annnd it's Halloween!

In terms of tailgating, meeting new friends, and seeing more good football then bad..this year was awesome! Thanks to everyone I partied with this year!

I'm finishing the home stand off with a coup de grace....yes I'm pulling out the kilt (with my Cambell Clan tartan)and in memory of the Little General I'm wearing the Ron Lancaster jersey I won at the Climb for Cancer for the highest fundraisers of the CFL Community.

So don't be confused I may look like a Riders fan but I'll be wearing the Box J black and gold underneath the Riders jersey all the way!

This one's for Ron and my friends at CFL Fans Fight Cancer! :cowboy:

Happy Halloween and let's hope to see you at the playoff game!

Hillbilly Nascar driver!

I thought of wearing the scariest and grossest costume that I could... but I just can't bring myself to wear the double-blue.

Good one.

Nice job Jare! :thup: :thup: :thup:

I was thinking of wearing a Darth Vader outfit with the helmet decals on the sides of the helmet, and my Flick jersey under the cape. Then I thought "How do I drink a beer with the helmet on?" and came to my senses...

We were thinking as going as Oakland Raider fans, but realized they probably wont let us in.

That sounds good .....Wear the costume but bring a straw ..!!!! :thup: :rockin:

All the ideas are awesome and I could just see 10 000 Darth Vaders at IWS. That would be cool! :rockin:

I was at Costco and saw that they had a Bumble-Bee helmet/mask. I was thinking it would be a great Ticat game day accessory.

Hmm, not sure if it matches my kilt though.

We can all feel like sak fans and dress up for the football game :smiley:

kind of wanted to dress up like a giant corn cob.
also thought of dressing up like the character Walter Sobchak from the Big Lebowski. It seems easier and more odd.