Halloween Festivities

So, what is everyone doing tonight.

We are just staying home and not giving out treats. We never get many at our door most years anyway.

Mrs Grover has treats to give out and is decorating the house

We will be watching a Sean Connery movie tonight
He passed away today at age 90


thats a thought.

Planeamos asustar a las personas que se quedan en sus casas pero no les dan golosinas a los niños. :smile:

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Blofeld, Jaws, Oddjob and PlentyAnnaTop couldn't kill him, it took the Grim Reaper to do it. I bet he was explaining his grand plan for World domination as 007 laid on a laser table

RIP Sir Sean Connery, You were the best Bond of all time

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Rising Sun and The Man Who Would Be King were my favorite films, outside of his bond movies of course.

"Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade" was it for me

it has been like being in the middle of a war movie around here.

Almost seems like over half the people in our area are setting off all kinds of stuff and trying to compete to see who can be the loudest the longest. One neighbor even managed to broadside my house with one.

I so hate fireworks. Vancouver has just banned the sale and possession of FW starting tomorrow. I wish all of metro Vancouver would do the same. So hard on my nerves. Sometimes it gets me so edgy I cannot get to sleep for hrs afterwards, in spite of my sleeping meds. I just have never understood the big thrill of light and noise. arrrrgggggggggggg

' The Man Who Would Be King' my fav.. and then I like 'The Presidio'... So many though.

RIP Sean. I always enjoyed watching you act. Best Bond ever. You set the bar high.

You never know what to expect on Halloween. I had 9 kids and now have a bunch of candy left over.

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I placed a sign saying that I won't be handing out candy and told them see them next year. I decided to not hand out candy because i didn't want to expose my "bubble" to the virus. Anyway nobody came.

I enjoyed handing out candy to kids during Halloween. Halloween became another casualty of the pandemic. Christmas is next

Last year we had over 40 kids and ran out of treats. This year we were better prepared and only had 18 kids. My wife says Covid but the temp was near freezing and I blame that. I love seeing the little ones all dressed up and excited. We always have special treats for the little ones. A colouring book or a toy.... plus candy !

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We had way more kids out in our neighbourhood with all kinds of houses going all out with the decorating. Apparently the folks in the area created a neighbourhood Facebook page where a list of participating houses was created. Some ingenuous contraptions for distributing the goodies while maintaining social distancing that I saw ranging from slides to tubes to slingshots. My sister in Dundas who went crazy with decorations went from 50 kids last year to well over 100 this year. So great for the kids with what they've had to go through this year.

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Me. I threaten to give out a can of beans to the one kid with the poor effort they put in. I'm tired of seeing kids with a thicker beard(it's not a disguise) than I have trick or treating or kids just wearing a Leafs jersey to pass off as a hockey player for Halloween.

I actually don't give out the can of beans(though it's there beside me), but I chide the kid through humor. It worked. Last year a kid went as a bum. I rassed him, the next year the kid came back in a better costume(Joker). I gave him extra candy for his effort. The kids that have an amazing costume gets a a soda pop or a package of microwavable popcorn

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remember that sometimes kids are at the mercy of their guardians re costume. I had been in that position. The age thing is another matter. I actually only went out T&T twice, when I was 6 and when I was 11. Never wanted to after that.

The age limit to me is if you are in High school, you are too old for trick or treating. High schools had school dances or festivities for the students.

It is not hard to create a costume when various stores like Giant Tiger, the Dollar Store and Value Village offer low cost disguise options