Hallett on signing extension: 'This is the only team I wanted to be with'

Ask Nick Hallett to paint a picture about how a football season is supposed to end, and he has only one scene in his head: It features Hallett and his Winnipeg Blue Bombers teammates being showered with confetti after winning a Grey Cup championship, and then taking that celebration into a raucous champagne-soaked locker room afterward.

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It's the only team that wanted him anyway :sleeping:

Hallett's one of our special team aces and he likes it here.

So there. :partying_face:

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Yet another Bomber who details the reasons he wants to play in Winnipeg over and above the normal lip service paid when someone signs. I repeat my theory that Winnipeg has an advantage in signing players over any other team at this time. It won’t last forever.

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You're right. Sooner or later we'll have a wet summer and the mosquitos will drive all the free agents away. Besides, everything is cyclical in a league where revenue sharing and salary caps even the playing field. We're at the top of our cycle right now and only the brillliance of our tall foreheads and lady luck can keep us there for much longer. We're getting older as a team and the injury bug doesn't need a wet summer to suck the life out of us. Saskatchewan came out like gangbusters early last season and 21 injuries later became very mediocre.

But let's be positive anyway. ONE MORE CUP!!!

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