Hall to Sims-Walker

I remember hearing Burke in interview when asked about Sims Walker he said he hasn't done anything in practice to earn a spot on the roster (or something to that effect)
I guess he has no choice now to to find him a spot on the roster again. Great athletic catches and Hall beginning to show some signs of life, 385 yards passing, Since he has finally gotten healthy and has been able to string a few starts together.
Winnipeg players playing well with some competition coming at several positions

.....I wouldn't trust Burkes assessment on any player, except maybe on the defensive side of the ball... Burke has shown more incompetence than the captain of the Titanic...He's 'a 'Ritchie Hall walking' waiting for the axe to fall... :wink:AND he can take Creehan with him....Here's one for you...after all this time in 2013...Denmark is finally showing his stuff, with 2 games to go, BECAUSE, Bellefueille is showing him the nuances of the Canadian game.... :lol: Example of how this team has been run...There's something awfully wrong with that picure :roll:


So, Tim Burke, exactly why was it there was no room the last five games for the former Jacksonville Jaguar on a team that has struggled most of this season in generating exactly the kind of down-field play Sims-Walker made look so easy on Saturday?

"It's hard to tell just from practice," replied the Bombers head coach. "Since he wasn't on the roster, he was just doing scout team work, so it's really hard. And Aaron Kelly was playing so well, so it's hard to get on the roster. And then there was that period of time when we had three offensive linemen that were Americans, so we had to take one American receiver off the roster."

I can see the reasoning behind the excuses. Kelly is playing well, injuries and ineptitude at other positions have forced some juggling on the roster, and lets face it, Sims-Walker was invisible in the Banjo Bowl, though I'm not sure how many times he actually got on the field. I get it. But how do you relegate a guy with his background to scout team work and don't throw him out there with the first team offense a few times a week to see what he's got?

Here's hoping MSW continues to build on his last game. If he can continue to play well, if Denmark can continue to play like he has and not start to disappear for multiple games in a row, plus Kelly, Edwards, Watson, and Kohlert - you throw a combination of 5 of those guys out there with a good QB, they could potentially do some damage. Now if MSW is a one game wonder or hits the sophmore jinx that seems to infect a lot of the import receivers that have come through here in recent years (Romby, TJH, Carr, Matthews), and if Denmark falls asleep again, things aren't so rosy. Dare to dream I suppose.

....I seem to recall Burke saying that MSW wan't catching on to the 'waggle' at the line of scrimmage...IF that was Burkes only criticism of the guy and reason for not putting him in the line-up... :lol: you have to wonder...The guy was a beast out there the last game (hopefully not a flash in the pan) and should have been playing long before this...Kelly or no Kelly...I'm also starting to wonder about the release of some of our kickers....I know Burke wasn't here when Paredes was let go (man what a blunder) BUT it just goes to show how a lot of talent has slipped away from this club in recent years...Tired of going down that road :thdn:

It happens that you lose some players that go on to do well elsewhere. We know that all to well with Bob Cameron and how his career took off here after failing to catch on elsewhere. The problem with young guys is they get limited opportunity in camp and they have to outperform the incumbent. If they're only just as good then you're likely to stick with the guy you know than the youngster you don't. And there's a pretty fine line between letting a guy go and holding on to a guy based on potential. We waited on Arjei Franklin for a while to become an impact NI receiver and he's out of the league now never realizing that potential here or in Calgary that he was thought to have. I haven't loved DeAngelis here. They took some time looking at Brody McKnight, released him to supposedly make room for a guy at another position. I wonder if he'll be a guy they bring to camp next year.

MSW, to his credit, also admitted to having issues with the waggle and some of the other nuances. He also said he understood that with Kelly coming in and having an immediate impact he'd have to wait his turn to get in. Sounds like he was being a good teammate and not a former NFL star diva. There were a number of negative things about him that I read, but it seems his attitude is good and he's shown some ability on the field :thup:

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Mike Sims-Walker has a swollen knee, won't play this week, but Aaron Kelly is feeling better and will swap back in: Tim Burke

Still a pretty dominate performance will make for some much needed competition for the import receivers going into next season. Kelly has played well, Denmark has stepped up his game when challenged, Edwards is still just a season removed from another 1,000 yards in rec in 2012, rookie of the year Mathews coming to camp healthy in 2014.
Thats 5 import receivers with solid experience in pro football.
The new stadium combined with the suddenly great exposure in the states for the CFL should draw some attention to some other quality imports.
From the Canadian side a healthy Watson and the progression of Kohlert to go along with some already jam of drafted Canadian receivers Etienne, Poblah, and acquiring Foster from BC and the competition for starting and roster spots should be pretty fierce even if one is lost in the expansion draft