Hall to be scapegoat?

I can see it now, with the talk with Tillman on Gormly he said the deal with Dominguez close but no cap room for Hunt. This will be the second year in a row where Ritchie has lost key players with Bush and Morgan now this year Perry and probably Hunt while bolstering the team with talent at offense with Flick Cates, Jones and Abou-metrik.
obviously Tillman can't remeber that the D won the both the Grey Cup and the West Final.

Dominguez before he got hurt was having a great year. Hunt was so so. Nothing great like in the past. Eddie Davis is the big one. If we lose him blame Tillman for not hiring Hall. Hunt is more popular than good.

Cant remember you say. I think bigj you cant remember the Riders were leading CFL in scoring before Dominguez got hurt. Cates and Washington to about the same time. The O not the D is the reason Riders won 12.

Bring back Shivers. Love finishing 3rd and 4th. 7 straight years.

I understand what your saying BigJ. Appartently Dominguez's price tage is $185 000. Giving the fact that he's only played 50% of his games over the last 3 seasons because of knee injury. I kinda have to wonder if he's worth losing Fred Perry, Eddie Davis, and Reggie Hunt for. But we'll see who stays and who goes.

All I can think is that if we're undergoing big defensive changes. There's no better coach to have than Richie Hall. Tillman knows this and I don't think he'd scapegoat Richie. He'll scapegoat the SMS. But Richie is a good coach and Tillman's no Danny Machocia...thank GOD!

We upgraded what we needed to last year, going from an average offense to one of the best.

I also agree that Eddie Davis is more important than Reggie Hunt

Anybody who thinks that our 330 yards of offense won the game the grey cup game is wrong.

I think what Tillman is doing is setting expectations...he knows that the team has to upgrade....and he knows that some veterans might not be back....and he knows that some some veterans want to resign for big money....he is claiming proverty now to manage expectations.

Our offense may have gone stagnant in the Grey Cup, but they are the primary reason we got there after our defense went through it's share of struggles during the season.

Eric is doing what is best for our club, even if some people fail to see that. You'd think he might get a little respect after winning the Grey Cup.

Ya, you loose your two starting db's, they get beat in coverage and everyone is calling for Hall's head. Now take away your best tackler from last year Perry, the best from probably the previous 3 or 4 Hunt and was also near the top this year.

That's the business side of sports, successful teams often lose quality players (and coaches), and if the team remains successful we'll likely see the departure of more quality players.

The good teams just bring in more good players to offset the losses. I have faith that the guys we have on board will continue to put a top notch team on the field.

Hunt will probably test free agency and if another team can offer him more money what can we do. You definatly need to keep Davis or Hunt.

When a team wins a Grey Cup of course the big players are going to say well I am a Grey Cup Champion and I want more money so if you won't pay it another team will.

I have a feeling that once they are out there on the market things are going to be great every team has to deal with the SMS not just us.