Hall to be fired tomorrow

TSN is saying Hall will be fired tomorrow, and apparently Kavis Reed is the leading candidate to replace him. I’m all about Hall going, but I’m not sure how I feel about Reed… Winnipeg has had a good defence all season, but is that because of coaching or players?


Also...he WAS the ST coach when the riders lost the GC due to too many men. Just sayin.. :wink:

Looks like it's official, Hall is gone. :thup:

Chief if you apply to become his replacement, you can put me down as a character reference !

In that case, any interest in being DC? I know you're an Als fan, and our teams haven't always gotten along... :lol:

Well I'm a CFL fan first and foremost. . .being an Als' fan is a distant second. Sure I'll be your DC. . . what's the pay scale?

Correction, Reed WAS the coach who stepped up and took full responsibility regardless of which player was or wasn't supposed to be on the field. By shouldering the blame himself he showed tons of guts and class.

Kavis has bounced around a tremendous amount because he has not been great anywhere. This year he did a good job but I'm not really sure I like the idea at this point. Feel bad for Hall, I'm not sorry he's gone but fielding a team full of former Al's and now Rider's isn't a winning formula. It's a small league I'm sure we'll see him coaching somebody's Defense soon.

I wonder if he was offered the DC position.