Hall of Famers?

So of current players and newly retired whom do you see as likely Hall of Famers

Ricky Ray- I'm sure most see him as a lock?

Mike Reilly-needs to play well a bit longer-4 more years?

Bo Levi Mitchell-could become legendary. Still in his 20's. And many are sick of him already. But in my books he's a great one. Kind of surprised he hasn't gone NFL.

Solomon Eliminian- great career still going. First defender to win MOP. 2x defensive player of year.

Newly Retired
Jon Cornish- 9 year career but smaller window of starting. But he was dominant. First Canadian to win MOP in decades. Rushing leader 3 consecutive years. Probably the most dominant Canadian player in history in his shortened career.

Chip Cox (I think he's retired) - Great 10 year career. Defensive player of year. 3x CFL all star. Top defender on many Als championship teams

Who do you see?

Thick Nik Lewis is a shoe in

yup...of course he is. He slipped my mind...he's a quick, slick, thick Nik

Henry Burris for sure , Andrew Harris is building a case , Kevin Glenn is a shoe in , and I would say Justin Medlock on special teams to name a few .

Yup agree with Burris and probably Glenn too. Harris is certainly building a case. Medlock?-maybe but can't think of an import kicker in there. But there is always a first.

I see 4 kickers punters who were a big part of their teams... Passaglia, Culter, Ridgway & Cameron.

I agree with all of the above, except I wouldn't call Glenn a shoe-in. The fact that there have been recent articles and threads debating whether he belongs proves that there is at least an argument that he doesn't - hence not a "shoe-in". (Please let's not re-start the debate here.) Oh - also I'm not sure about Chip Cox, but that's mainly based on personal taste.

I think Fantuz is on the bubble. I recall seeing that he is now among the top 4 or 5 Canadian receivers of all time. And he'd be one higher if you remove anyone born and raised in Utah. But he's a little light on awards, all-star appearances and 1,000-yd seasons.

If they can put Lindros into the HHOF with questionable numbers, they can put Fantuz into CLFHOF...

I don't think it's even a debate . The guy is 6th in the CFL for all time passing yards .

Some may not like the guy but over 52,000 yds passing and 294 Tds to 207 interceptions with an average pass completion at 8.2 yds in now 17 seasons pretty much puts Kevin Glenn in the Hall .

It doesn't matter if he didn't win the cup . It would be like not letting Marcel Dionne in the Hockey hall of fame it's the body of work in it's entirety that gets evaluated .

I realize that these Canadian kickers are in. I said I don't see any import kickers there. Having said that, I'm not sure if that should have any bearing.

Milt Stegall agrees.

Even though he was an Olineman, Jack Abendschan was also a placekicker, which he did for the Riders from 65-75... so there is actually an American kicker in the Hall.

Mike Reilly - Too early. Has not done enough so far.

Bo Levi Mitchell - Too early. Has not done enough so far.

Ricky Ray - First ballot hall of famer.

Solomon Eliminian - Almost there if he quit today.

Jon Cornish - A genuine hall of famer.

Chip Cox- A genuine hall of famer.

Other recent players who have retired who have a strong case.

Josh Bourke.

Scott Flory.

Kevin Glenn DOES not belong in the hall of fame. He is a "compiler". He compiled good stats from playing for a long time. He was NEVER great. He was a great backup on some very good teams, or a mediocre starter on some bad teams.

If Kevin Glenn makes it into the HOF, close the HOF up and open a wiener and beans stand.

Okay Sambo.
So instead of nitpicking on other thoughts on the topic...do you have any thoughts on current players or newly retired players who you think could or should be on the HOF radar?

As a TiCats guy, I would be thrilled if Joe Zuger was inducted into the CFHoF

3 Grey Cup rings, 1967 Grey Cup MVP
Played QB, DB, and punter, playing his entire career as a TiCat

In his 1st game as QB he passed for a team record 572 passing yards and a league record eight touchdowns passes

Zuger, as a punter recorded a league record 45.5-yard punting average over his career. Three times, he averaged over 48 yards-per-punt over a season and had punts of over 80 yards at least four times, including one of 85 yards in 1968.

His 1 season as a full time DB he had 5 INT's

Served as TiCats GM for over 10 years

Geez…I just looked him up. Never saw him play.
What a great “football player” he must have been hey?
And then he was the GM for 10 years?

These guys aren't current or recently retired but how they have been over-looked time after time despite massive credentials is truly stupefying.

Gord Rowland
5-time All-Star, 4-time Grey Cup Champ, 31 career interceptions.

Oscar Kruger
4-time All-Star, 3-time Grey Cup Champ, 46 career interceptions.

Tom Hugo
A 7-time All-Star in 7 seasons played.

This is so interesting. I've never heard of any of these guys, but they all had some amazing careers.

Tom Hugo should be in the Hall of Fame just for playing centre and returning kicks. That is incredible.

Yeah it is interesting. I grew up in Edmonton actually and older Eskie fans revered Oscar Kruger.
Apparently he was a massive hitter at safety and lived in E his whole life and taught school there as well. For whatever reason Edmonton has remained home for a huge number of past Edmonton players, both Canadians and imports.
No doubt Hugo should be there. Hell he should be a movie.

There are a number of players from the past who should be in the Hall, and a number in it who IMO are less meritorious than that group. Just to name a few -- this is admittedly Argo-centric:

Hank Ilesic (Bob Cameron is in; Ilesic was better)

Carl Brazley (illustrious career that spanned two distinct eras from early 1980s to early 1990s)

Terry Greer and Mervyn Fernandez (the two most feared receivers of the 1980s. The fact both were good enough to jump to the NFL should not be held against them -- "they didn't have enough longevity" doesn't hold water considering both played as many years in Canada as Warren Moon)