Hall of Famer Montford bagged his share of quarterbacks

He was a fierce punisher, a ferocious presence.

With those shoulder pads bunched up high, scowl on his face, quarterback in his sights, Joe Montford was a force to be reckoned with. A rampaging rush end.

Even now, five years removed from his Canadian Football League playing days, Montford figures he could still pancake a passer or two.

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Thank you for the article, Picat. I didn't even know Joe was going to the hall of fame. Well deserved honour.

I had great fun watching him play. Don Sutherin had him rushing from different positions on the line. Montford was a monster, and always seemed to come through with the sack when we needed him to the most.

Could you imagine our defensive line with a prime Joe Montford on one side and Stevie Baggs on the other. I'm all giddy with excitement just thinking about it. Hickman is quickly growing into that role now.

I don't care about the other teams that Joe Montford played for, his best years, by far, were in Hamilton and he will always be a Tiger cat great in my eyes.

He will always be 1A with Grover Covington in my eyes as the greatest pure pass rusher in CFL history. In terms of impact re panic factor for opposing offenses, he's neck-and-neck with James 'Quick' Parker in his prime, IMHO. Pure speed and ferocity!

Grover arguably was the more complete DE of the two re combining pass rush ability with rushing defence and tackling, but Joe was the quintessential 'hammer time' defensive end when it came to hunting the pivot.

His enshrinement is richly deserved!

Oski Wee Wee,


Hi Russ:

I agree, Grover, was the more complete defensive lineman, but as you say, for a pure rush end, it was Joe Montford.

The reason was that Montford was really an oversized Linbacker playing Defensive End.This is where his speed came into play.Grover had speed AND size...

Isn't linebacker where Montford played before Southerin moved him to rush end?

Indeed. He played LB at Memphis.

Hi Russ:

But, wasn’t Montford playing linebacker in Hamilton before he was moved to rush end? Sorry, not sure if we’re making the same point here…

Yes. LOL

He was a LB with the Mad Dogs, then he arrived in Hamilton and Sudsy soon made him make the transition. The rest is...History with a capital H.:wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Thank you, Russ. I appreciate your patience with my level of comprehension.

Hey Boys and girls quit your belly aching! with the salary dump of AB3, Mr Young and OB can sign us a NFL late cut that we can groom and develop to be the next Montford ..... bring in some heat to add to the fire Mr Young $$

Hi Cats99

I don't think anyone here is bellyaching. Just appreciating the talents of a great Tiger cat and player.

My favorite Tiger-Cat of all time!

Shreveport....Not Memphis...