Hall of Famer Earl Lunsford Dead.

You would have to be atleast in your late 40s to remember him as a player... a bit younger to remember him as a GM.
He was in his seventies...so it's not something tragic...however for you older posters who remember him.... still sad.

I remember Earl "The Pearl".

[url=http://canadianpress.google.com/article/ALeqM5hLpA5ntBWjZ_s8vqWOXQdcGfHQdg]http://canadianpress.google.com/article ... XQdcGfHQdg[/url]

We've lost so many greats this year. When's it going to end?


RIP Earl. You made a great difference in the lives of many.

74 is a full life. Not that sad really... Even the way everyone went crazy over Bob Ackles.. He was 69... A little premature I admit.... but he still lived alot longer then Leif Peterson... That is the one I found sad.
Death is a horrible thing...but it is enevitable... If you can make it anywhere near 70 you should consider yourself lucky.
Personally I hope I die before I am in an enormous amount of pain ,and am unable to do simple tasks like feed myself, and go to the bathroom by myself.