Hall of Fame

I was recently vacationing in Ontario, and when in the area, I got the chance to visit the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. Due to the infestation of one-way streets, I received a lovely :lol: tour of downtown Hamilton (while it rained, no less!). Before one enters the museum, they are confronted by the impressive statue between the museum and City Hall (by the way, when you do enter, there's the Grey Cup right in front of you). Admission was inexpensive ($9 + tax for 3 people, not bad), and the lot of us proceeded to the hall of fame, wherein were rather good busts of each member (especially the newer entries), and in addition to to info on each plaque, a nearby computer provided additional info (and video! etc). After the H of F, we then hit the museum beginning with the "history section" (not it's real name I think, but that's what's there). Filled with lots of interesting stuff (some of which I believe you will never find on the internet), and old artifacts. The next adjoining section was closed for repairs due to flooding (in my estimation it was the Grey Cup section, as the two cardboard trifolds dedicated to it in the "history section" just didn't seem appropriate). So, the next section was on equipment and the locker room, and for some reason, lots of pictures of Guelph Gryphons. The last two words of the previous sentence were forshadowing, as the final section dealt with the CIS (in it's current form). It was in this section that the most interactive of the displays can be found: a ball, screen and tee with computer that allows one to see how well they can kick a field goal (I hit a 45 yarder), and a leg press machine where your results are compared to CIS players, past and present - I got the 2nd highest result. The whole experience was very nice, as was the gift shop, but I felt kind of disappointed that the 3 of us were the only visitors at the time (10 AM on a weekday, but the H of F just seem like few people ever visited it).

So if you're ever in Hamilton, try checking the CFHOF out.

P.S. the Copps Coliseum is dwarfed by the Saddledome. I can't believe they can fit 20k in it.

Keep kicking and pressing like that, and a few kickers in this
league will be looking over their shoulders.

Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. Sure reasonably priced.

If ever I get over there, I'll be checking it out for sure...

Can Copps really fit 20,000? I thought it was only 15,000 at the most ... man, I love the Saddledome (sorry, trailed off there!)

Glad you had fun...........but the place is old and NOT really that great.

This is not a bad reflection on HAMILTON or the HALL.......but they have had a really low budget for years.........This place is not like CANTON OHIO........or the EXCELLENT , HOCKEY HALL of FAME , in Toronto.

HOWEVER.........it does have an excellent store for CFL collectibles........and a movie theatre , where you can ask to watch hights lights of any GREY CUP , that was on T.V. All you do is ask for the year and see your team win................that is very cool..........!

CFL collectibles ... including a Baltimore Stallions mini-helmet? (I want one of those!) (I've got all 9 teams - 3 years past helmets; plus Calgary and Saskatchewan retro; plus an Ottawa Rough Riders from '96; plus a CFL helmet; plus Grey Cups 2000 and 2002)

Probably, they had loads of stuff in there. If you ever need some interior decorating, for instance, they sell 1’ x 1’ (guessed) sized logos of every team, printed on cardboard for three bucks (that includes the American teams and the ORR). Lots of neat stuff there.

They have a web site that shows everything that they sell…Just search…Canadian football hame of fame…and go to their store on your computer! :smiley: