Hall of Fame - wrong Flutie???

Tomorrow ....

[u][b]Listen live on CFL.ca as the Canadian Football Hall of Fame announces this year's inductees

(CFL.ca wire) -- The Canadian Football Hall of Fame's Class of 2007 will be unveiled on Monday in a press conference in Hamilton, Ontario.

Football fans can listen to the announcement live on CFL.ca beginning at 1 p.m. ET. [/b][/u]

I am hoping for .... Leo Cahill

Darren Flutie gets in … but no Doug Flutie … CFL’s Best ever Player?? WTF?

Cause he Just Retired from NFL Last Year
So He Could have Come up here..
Give it year or Two Doug will be in

Hope you are right about the "NFL technicality"..... otherwise it makes the CFL selection process .... look ridiculous

Plus .... I am PO'd that they continue to ignore .... Leo Cahill

Rocco Romano ---- come on!! :thdn:

Are you kidding? Romano's a great choice! The guy was SOLID. As for Dougie, I doubt it's an NFL technicality, and more the fact that he hasn't been out of professional football that long. (Oh, wait, I forgot ... according to the NFL hall of fame, theirs is the only professional football ... :roll:)

I'm sure Doug will eventually get there, once he officially retires and the rumour starters stop re-making his come-back.

The CFL should clarify this .... it looks stupid for Darren to beat Doug to the Hall

This is a joke right Darren gets in before Doug. I see the selection process is bad as our refs.

darren retired from football before Doug, makes perfect sense. shouldnt be confusing to anybody.

Exactly Footballyoubet, if Doug was eligible he'd be in the hall of fame, but he isn't and Darren was. That should be simple enough.

Still confusing to me :slight_smile:

You might remember ... less than 2 years ago ... Hamilton made an offer to both Flutie brothers

Can't find an official source, so this will have to do:


"A player must be retired from the game for at least five years before being eligible for consideration."

Darren retired 5 years ago. Doug..... didn't.

Thanks for that link JFL ... but I am afraid WikiP is incorrect on the 5 year wait

Lui got in in 2004 .... his final game was Grey Cup 2000

darren flutie didnt even dominate the league, he wasnt one of those feared players, to go into any hall of fame you have gotta be a lights-out, franchise player that dominated over a 10 year period. you cant just be a consistent guy.

I understand why people question
why Darren is going into the HOF
first before his brother goes in

but some of you sound like
my furnace over the last 2 weeks

it continually blows hot air too,
but at least it has a reason!

May I respectfully suggest, IMHO
instead of blowing hot air around,
let the dust settle on the story.

Look around for some facts
or wait for them to come out.

You will usually find there are
logical reasons behind a story.

Here is an article with some facts.

click here

it continually blows hot air

Unlike, of course, what we read on this board eh ron? :lol:

Lui was special...25 years, all playing for the Leos, and only one failed attempt at the NFL. He was a special case. I don't think you can find another CFL player that has done what Lui did.

who cares about nubmers ? this isnt a fantasy league, plus his nubmers aint that impressive, it aint like he was setting the world on fire, he had a so-so career and worked up enough to get a easy tv job that he is horrible at.

I'm betting it's a 3-year wait after retiring from professional football before getting into the Hall.

And Darren Flutie was a threat whenever he stepped on the field. The guy was consistent, and touch. Kinda a Ben Cahoon type - maybe not the flashiest guy, but for sure a go-to guy. Anyone remember his catch in the '99 Grey Cup? I do :frowning:

I've read that a player is eligible for the HOF after 5 years on one website (wiki), 3 years on another website. But I don't believe there is a waiting period, I believe the CFL just wants to make sure the player is retired from football, such as the case for Doug Flutie (who is eligible next year).

Warren Moon retired from football in 2000 and was inducted into the CFL HOF in 2001.