Hall of Fame: Where is the best location for success?

I always thought the pavilion at Lansdowne in Ottawa would have made a great location for a Canadian football Hall of Fame . It's close to the stadium with lots of foot traffic and Ottawa gets many summer tourists .

I think a better location would be a building within walking distance of the Clifton Hill area of Niagara Falls . I think if you mix a little pizzaz with a 4d ride and visually pleasing displays done up honouring the past players you would get a few more people attending who not necessarily go to see anything about the CFL .

You can keep it classy yet open to all types of tourists wanting something else to see without disrespecting the Hall of Fame .

Before someone jokes about Clifton Hill's Criminal Hall of Fame it would be hopefully in a building separate from the area but still close enough to walk something like the Greg Frewin Theatre size on Ellen Ave Niagara Falls .

The ride could involve the CFL mascots crazy adventure in Canada like Lumber Joe down the rapids and going over the falls and have a vid intro with a CFL player great greet them at the beginning . The ride could be sponsored . Coca Colas Great Mascot
Frenzy .

Combine this with great visual displays and a room for the busts and CFL shop with swaths Of CFL novelty swag .

Really think the 14 week warm weather season window of late spring and summer is the do or die season for anything .

If you place it in the right area and have CFL teams at least giving an annual donation of 30,000 each , CFL corporate sponsorship and ticket sale /souvenir sales revenue getting close to 200,000 annually with revenue designation as non taxable you could achieve a safe storage location for artifacts and a stable CFL venue for the hall of fame that would pay for itself in the end .

Not sure if it would be ever more than break even point ; possibly obtaining a small profit yearly if run astutely but it definitely would be an asset for players , fans and places the CFL in a very lucrative and viable location for Canadian Tourism .The gambling spots never hurt having close by as well .

The right place to put the CFL HOF to and try and make it paying or at least a break even proposition is in the West. The West seems to be where the most rabid fans are (with no disrespect to those Eastern fans that consider themselves rabid) and where the biggest crowds are drawn.

I'd put it in Calgary because it's a big city and it's far enough South and enough of a vacation destination to draw Canadians from all over.

If I am correct it's been tried in Toronto and Hamilton and has not really caught fire in either city. That's Canada's most populated urban area, but one many posters here seem to feel has the least fervor for the CFL game. There's not much to lose trying it in the West. It would be a shame to see the HOF become an on paper honor only, like the American Soccer HOF either is or was for many years.

Put it in Saskatchewan where the most CFL fans are.

Just don't expect anyone to visit it...cause really, who goes to vacation/visit Saskatchewan, lol.

FWIW...I've been to a lot of places but in the top five holidays I've taken is a road trip through Sask and ending up in Waskesiu Lake area. We loved the whole experience. Saskatoon and Regina put a lot of Canadian cities to shame. And Waskesiu is fantastic ...beautiful, great golfing, fishing and swimming. A true gem.

Northern Saskatchewan is amazing for monster pike fishing…but that just doesn’t draw the tourists like I feel it should :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Kevin Werner?
2h2 hours ago
Ham clrs approve relocation of Canadian Football Hall of Fame to Tim Hortons Field. City & CFL are providing $250k each for development of "Legends Row" & "Media Hall of Fame."

The "Touchdown" statue in front of former Hall of Fame location beside City Hall will be relocated to Tim Hortons Field. The installation of Hall of Fame busts on concourse, & relocation process expected to be completed by opening of 2018 season.

"This is the perfect fit for the (Tim Horton) stadium," said Ward 3 Clr Matthew Green. "I'm excited about it."

The former building where Canadian Football Hall of Fame is located beside Ham city hall will be transformed into what is being called CityLab.

CFL will now take over operating the Canadian Football Hall of Fame operated at Tim Hortons Field.

I’m sorry to say I’ve never been to the HOF, but I would love to see it. I personally think that’s more likely to happen if it’s located at a stadium, or with a travelling exhibit. THF is a good place a permanent installation, but there MUST be at least an annual, circulating HOF exhibit that visits a new city every year and stays for the entire season.

Two words: The Hammer.