Hall of Fame visit for our rookies??

A great footballer and all round great friend in Massillon Ohio, where they put a small football in every new baby's crib from day one at the hospital, sent me the news that the Dallas Cowboys now require all their rookies to visit the Hall of Fame in Ohio before they report to Dallas.

Should we get a bus to visit our Hall of Fame in town, or would that work against us?

With Cat members of the HOF who live in the area present to welcome the guys, it could be inspirational. Well, maybe not with city Hall the way it is. LOL

Should check it out again myself.... Has anything changed since 1995 when I last visited. Shame on me.

Any comments?

One thing I will comment on is the great theatre and game film collection available at the HOF. I'm surprised groups like Cats Claws or box J Boys don't hold events there.

I agree. When I lived in Hamilton back in 94 I went there one day and for a $1 got to watch hours of historic CFL film and then browse around and look at all the inductees. The gift shop has a lot of very cool and cheap stuff also.

Getting to the topic at hand though.. I think it would be a great idea to take the rookies or even the whole team to the HOF if only just to show or remind them that they are all part of something with a very rich tradition. They would see its older than the NFL also. Most americans think they invented the game and that the NFL is older than the CFL.

Our HOF needs a major overhaul.

More interactive displays etc, etc.

To be honest, you can tour the HOF in an hour...without missing a thing.

With someone else's funding...I'd be more than willing to take on the task.


The hall of Fame overhaul, or the rookie tour?? LOL

Thanks for the offer though