Hall of Fame Inductees 2022 have flaws

Ricky Ray , Chip Cox , Paul McCallum , Tim Tindale , Dick Thortnon , are the players chosen for the hall . The builders category has Dave Ritchie , Roy Shivers , and Keith Evans .

I don't see how Tindale , Shivers , and Evans outweigh the contributions of Bob Krouse and Joe Zuger . Their careers don't approach that of Hamilton's Bob Krouse and Hamilton's Joe Zuger . Something has to change soon at the hall . This is just so wrong .


The post title does not mean all 8 candidates are "flawed" . Tindale . Shivers , and Evans may be worthy candidates but they should take a number and stand in line behind Zuger and Krouse . I hope the Hall sees the error of its ways and puts our Cats in the Hall of Fame . The clock is ticking for our veteran players . :heartbeat:


If you are making a case for Zuger and Krouse as players, then the comparables in this year's class are Ray, Cox, McCallum and Thornton. Tindale went in because of his university career (and the fact he went to the NFL didn't hurt). Shivers and Evans were selected in the builders category, so Krouse and Zuger could not have been selected ahead of either.

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Tindale was the most dominant Canadian U player I have ever watched.

Legendary Western coach Haylor said
"Tim would be the guy I would pick first if I had to choose a team"

2 time Hec Crighton winner and would have won a 3rd if he didn't break his leg in that middle year and averaged a tidy 7.9 yards a carry for his career.

5'10" 220 lbs, try tackling that!!

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Zuger was a DB as well as a QB . Zuger, as a punter recorded a league record 45.5-yard punting average over his career. Three times, he averaged over 48 yards-per-punt over a season and had punts of over 80 yards at least four times, including one of 85 yards in 1968. He played in five Grey Cup games, winning three (1963, 1965, 1967).
Zuger would later serve in Hamilton's front office. In 1981, he was appointed as General Manager,[4] a position he served for over a decade. He added the 86 Grey Cup to his shelf as GM of the Cats .
Shivers and Evans may deserve a spot in the hall but certainly not ahead of Joe Zuger .

Pat Lynch (the old guy) * source Wikipedia


Pat, I'm not trying to be argumentative, but the point I made was that Evans and Shivers were inducted in the Builders category, so to make a case for Zuger over either of those guys, you would have to base it only on his contributions as a builder. His exploits as a player would not come into the discussion at all. I think he would have to go in one way or the other -- either as a player for what he did as a punter and QB, or as a builder for what he did as a GM. He's arguably worthy of nomination for the totality of his career as both a player and a builder, but there is no "dual" category for him to be considered. It's debatable whether he merits induction in either the player category or the builder category. My personal opinion is that he has a far stronger case as a player than as a builder; if so, how he compares to Evans and Shivers is irrelevant -- it would be how he compares to players selected this year and in the past that would matter.


He was a very good back but there are so many guys like this from CIAU/CIS/USports especially from powerhouse schools like Western. The level of competition there is so different, where the big schools who recruit 300 lb monsters on their offensive line could manhandle terrible teams like U of T, Windsor, Waterloo etc. Similar in the Quebec division as well. Not trying to crap on these athletes, but when a lot of them get to the pro level they are nowhere near as effective. Tindale made the Bills which probably helped his case but I don’t think he was ever much more than a blocking back there.

The difference in competition from USports to CFL is so big I don’t think it’s fair to the guys who made it with their CFL careers to be put on equal footing with some 3 year superstar from Laval or Western who becomes a bit player in the CFL. To me there should be a different way to recognize those guys. Just my take, some may disagree. Before anyone jumps all over this I actually like USports football and would like to see it get better TV exposure again. There should be some recognition of the talent and players there, just don’t believe this is the vehicle - it was always first and foremost a pro football hall of fame, like the one in Canton.

Hall of Fame game is meaningless to me until Joe Zuger and Bob Krouse are inducted.


So a lifetime of devotion to the CFL is irrelevant for Zuger but guys like Marv Levy (5 years) or Mervin Fernandez (6 years) get in the hall ? The system is flawed !!!


Surely you are not suggesting that being devoted to the league for a long time is sufficient reason to be inducted? Fernandez (and some other players like Moon, Greer, etc.) were Hall-worthy despite being in the league for a relatively short time. And there are many players who stuck around for well over a decade who are not Hall-worthy. And again, are you touting Zuger for his playing career or his career as a builder?

(For the record, while I agree with Fernandez, Moon and Greer being in the Hall despite being in the CFL for just six years, I do not agree with Levy's selection.)


Best.punter.ever. Perfect spirals would sail through the wind with little resistance. They were a thing of beauty.


Oh... sorry. I thought this read, "Hall of Fame Inductees 2022 have fleas."

My mistake.

You gotta improve your material if you're going to play the big rooms in Vegas :laughing:

Paul got in due longevity

Thorton played multiple positions and played them well

Tindale went in as an amateur

I agree Zuger and Krouse should have trumped Shivers and Evans

It should be one builder and the rest players.


So referee Paul (throw the flag) Dojack and Harold Ballard are in the hall . Jake Ireland is in the hall . So they deserve to be there ? Somehow Zuger and Krouse don't warrant a spot ?
As a DB Joe had 9 intercepts . He punted for 68 singles in his career. He and Krouse have 4 Grey Cups . Joe was MVP in the 67 Grey Cup . Krouse should have had the top Canadian in the 72 Grey Cup over Ian Sunter . There is so much greatness with these two players . Joe was the GM for 10 years with the Cats after retirement . TiCat fans know greatness when we see it . These two Hamiltonians deserve this honour in 2023 .