Hall of Fame in trouble

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/news/hamilton-gives-football-hall-of-fame-50k-in-emergency-cash-1.2672923]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/ ... -1.2672923[/url]

This is not good guys, there has to be something we as Hamiltonians can do to support and improve the Hall.

sorry but time hall of fame to move to Toronto
The facilities are outdated and it boring
They need a major overhaul in hamilton
so it makes since to move it .
out of hamilton.

I’ve been to canton and it 50X Better .
More interactive things to do there
in this new age people want interaction
In the canadian hall there barley any

To tour the Canadian Hall takes 30 mins
to Your the Football Hall of Fame takes 3 hours.

I said I wanted to help the Hall of Fame, not bring it to an abrupt end.

Hamilton doesn’t have Vistors to support a hall of fame
Toronto dose.

You mean like the support that Toronto has for the Argos? :roll:

Apparently the new stadium cannot accommodate the Hall of Fame because it is not configured to do this.
How can this new stadium, about 2/3 the size of the former IWS, not configure to allow space for the Hall?
The new stadium would be the ideal place for this venture. What part of this does Scott Duvall and the other
Councillors not understand?

In this location the Hall would see more activity than it does in an entire year, particularly on game days.
Come on Hamilton! Surprise us and do something right for a change. :frowning:

I think the CFL Hall of Fame has outgrown it's roots in Hamilton but I don't think Toronto is the only viable alternative how about Ottawa and place the CFL Hall of Fame in the Nations Capital where it could be properly supported by museum funding and be a central location from East to West.

This could be a good tie into the new Landsdown Park area and community they are building in Ottawa where the Redblacks will play, hockey, soccer, restaurants etc.

how many visitors would the hall of fame have in the cfl off season if located in stadium

This is indeed a sad day for Hamilton. Vic Copps mortgaged his house in order to get money to start building the current hall thereby shaming the city council to provide funding. He must be rolling over in his grave.


I think a location near (doesn't have to be in) THF would be ideal. I don't know current attendance numbers for it's current location, but near THF would have throngs of fans on game days. I agree perhaps not as many between games, but then again possibly more than it's current location has.


Ottawa's Museum of Science and Technology can't get funding for a building to replace its leaky, undersized, 45 year-old "temporary" home in the middle of tourist nowhere to build a new museum more central to the other museums. Wouldn't bet on the Football HoF getting money.

And the new Lansdowne is long since designed and has nothing the size needed for a HoF. Wouldn't have been a good fit anyway, unless it was going to be a self-sufficient operation that could pay full commercial rents. The area designated for development is purely commercial (business or residential development).

With Ottawa having gone through two franchises, I would wait to determine the long term the long term viability of the third team before even considering Ottawa as a possible site.

It doesn’t matter if Toronto supports the Argos or not, the people who are going to visit the HoF are not the local fans, but the out-of-towners. If you live next to it, how often are you going to visit? Once, then you’ll forget its there. Toronto may have the least number of CFL fans of any city, but it does have the most number of CFL fans passing through it, and these are the people who you need to focus on.

Hamilton is actually the worst place for the HoF from a business perspective. For the same reasons, Regina wouldn’t work either, regardless of the passion of the fans there, nobody would visit it with any regularity.

Of course, with a downtown Toronto location would come higher costs, so its a question of whether you can make up for that with the added visitors.

Good post.

Then Ottawa should be considered too. It doesn't matter if they lost two CFL teams. Ottawa is the capital, has a number of national museums and a lot of tourists. They have space in the area around the stadium in one of the new buildings going up or into the historic Aberdeen Pavillion.

Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are probably the most logical sites simply because of the number of visitors they receive. As Canadians are the most likely to visit a Canadian Football HoF it would be important to analyze which city receives the most visitors from across the Canada.

In Ottawa, development of the area known as Lebreton Flats, GoC owned lands where the new War Museum is located, is ongoing. That is likely where a HoF could be located if support was available. Football Canada (http://www.footballcanada.com) is the agency to engage/lobby as football in Canada is their actual mandate. AS for the "space around the new stadium", that is "for profit" commercial/residential development, and I beleive mostly rented. There is no space for a proper museum, which needs to be more than a Footlocker store. The Aberdeen Pavilion is a heritage building, which makes any renovations problematic.

I'm sure Canton Ohio receives more tourists than New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles. :roll:

The argument that it needs to go to a big tourist city is blown out of the water by the fact that Canton is Hicksville, USA. :slight_smile:

But like the baseball HOF, people go to these small towns to visit the HOF. Many years of traditions and history.
It probably wouldn't work in Canada by putting a HOF in a "Hicksville Canada"
The Hockey Hall of Fame is in downtown Toronto does get a lot of visitors just like a football HOF in Toronto or Ottawa would get a lot of visitors, people go to see other things besides a HOF

Scott Duvall says the HOF leaving Hamilton is not an issue. Why not? The answers has to do with how we got the HOF in the first place. We stepped up when no one else would. That is why the Hall is still here.
Just for a laugh try to guess how much money the CFL gives the HOF every year. I know the answer. I just want to giggle at your overestimates.

If they need $100,000 from the city to keep going I assume the CFL doesn't give much. As for Hamilton stepping up when no one else would, it's been there since 1962, I'm sure another city would step in and find sponsors.
It's losing money for one reason - attendance.
If it's losing money they city should not be funding it, shut it and then see if the CFL would be willing to fund it.

Did you even read the last post that you quoted? No one else wanted to put up any money toward it. I’m assuming the CFL doesn’t put up much either by the sounds of it. Maybe they should donate the gate from this years HoF game toward funding a proper, accessible with parking HoF building near the stadium. Maybe the city could incorporate it into the seniors/rec centre they are going to build?