Hall of Fame Game.

As a fan of the CFL and the Tiger-Cats I look forward to the new Tim Horton's Field next year in 2014. It will be great and I look forward to getting back to a traditional schedule hopefully of watching our Cats play Toronto on Labour Day Classic and so on but I hope they would also bring back the Hall of Fame Game to Hamilton in the place of the Canadian Hall of Fame.

I think the game should remain in Hamilton every year a part of a tradition of games instead of making it's way around the league. Other teams have their traditional match ups and bowl games, I think the Hall of Fame Game should remain a staple of the Hamilton community where the CFL Hall of Fame is located and where players can be honored each year. The past traditional match ups of Hamilton and Montreal or other teams in the Hall of Fame Game have been great and if well promoted just add more excitement to the game as a whole.

Bring back the Hall of Fame Game to Hamilton!


Not sure I totally agree with Hamilton hosting all the time. We, too, have our traditional match-up - though we got skunked this year - but the HOF game represents the whole league and not just Hamilton.

We're fortunate to have the brick & mortar HOF in our community, surely we can share a game across the country.

For your information,
The CFL HOF game is in EDM this year, Sat. Oct 6

Inductees are

Earl The Pearl Winfield!! :thup:
Miles Gorrell
Jake Ireland
Dan Ferrone
Bryan Fryer
Don Loney- Builder

2 ex TiCats and 2 Anti-Ticats( Ireland and Ferrone :wink: )


I think it should be moved around, the HoF is in a bad spot, and very few people visit it. Might as well give it some exposure by moving it around to other locations, especially where football is popular.

october 5 actually. rare that it's not a ticat but an als game.

Great pic, Grover!

MILES "Gorilla" GORRELL @ EARL "The Pearl " Winfield :thup: :thup: CONGRATS 2 BOTH 2013 H.O.F.INDUCTEES!!!!!




Always got a kick out of how tiny helmets looked on Gorrell.

Hope the HOF stays in Hamilton. The game can be shared around the league - in my opinion.

Another thought and this is because of the very poor number of visits to the HOF. How about -at some point - moving the HOF to somewhere within the new stadium. I think it would attract more people the the hall, the city and allow visiting fans an opportunity to see both a Ti-Cat game against their team and see some of their history at the HOF.

It would be awesome as a part of THF but needing 20,000 Sq. Ft. is alot of space to give up.

I found this story from when the Stadium was going to be at Longwood and Aberdeen(Nov.2010)

[url=http://www2.canada.com/edmontonjournal/news/sports/story.html?id=a5936fa5-f3c3-4cbc-9848-d9b83adce9ab&p=1]http://www2.canada.com/edmontonjournal/ ... dce9ab&p=1[/url]

Bob Young and his staff aren’t the only ones eagerly anticipating a new facility for his Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The team owner is joined by Canadian Football Hall Of Fame’s Mark DeNobile in anticipation of what he hopes will be a new building to call home.

DeNobile, the executive director for the CFHOF, is hoping to work his way into a much needed new residence where fans can enjoy the nostalgia of football, Canadian style.

“We have all this stuff and we’re literally running out of space,” he added during a private tour of basement storage that features many more wonderful artifacts. “Some of the issues we have as a museum are we have to have certain room climate control, dust control. Right now we don’t, so we’re doing the best we can, not to disturb things. But we’re also cataloguing more onto the computer so that we know what we have, so with our partners, we’ll know where we’re heading.”

What the CFHOF has are virtual gems of material yet to be seen. Newspaper articles that date back to 1900, old media guides and reels upon reels of game film are all stored, awaiting a new home. Even the 1957 personal contract of DeNobile’s father, Geno, is included in the boxes of material.

“Look at the old pads, and we have tons of pictures that we’re still sorting. We’ve got tons of equipment, from socks to underwear (the old one-piece bibs),” said DeNobile.

Currently the hall occupies roughly 10,000 square feet of space in the museum, located next door to Hamilton’s City Hall. It’s now a case of finding out how much room they need if new space were made available.

“It’s not going to be a grandiose NFL-type set up. It’s going to be a good-for-the-CFL setup and our setup. We have to share space and we look forward to those discussions,” DeNobile said of working out a deal with the Tiger-Cats. “The hall itself is now 10,000 square feet of usable space; estimates are a requirement for upwards of double that and at least 5,000 of it would be for storage.”

DeNobile would also like to include room for a media research area and, most importantly, wants to see the final product become much more interactive.

“You want to get the school groups in here, the younger kids. We don’t have that just yet and that’s what we have to work on. We have to, as a Hall of Fame, look at what a new Hall of Fame would look like,” suggested DeNobile. "There are museum standards – barrier-free requirements, bilingualism that we have to invest in because we are a national museum under federal and provincial requirements[/b]

A great story about Jake Ireland,
I know ,we all hate him, but it is Hamilton related,
Jake Ireland was being interviewed in Hamilton in his retirement year and it went like this.
"I heard a new line from a fan this year," he said, smiling.

It was in Hamilton, and Ireland, a long-time referee, has always loved working Canadian Football League games in Hamilton. The stands at Ivor Wynne Stadium are snug against the field, which fosters the growth of a certain rapport between officials and the paying customers, like the one who yelled at Ireland this season.

"Jake," the man yelled. "I found your cell phone."

There was a pause.

"I know it's yours," he continued, "because there's six missed calls on it."

Ireland smiled again.

"I thought that was precious," he said. "That's very imaginative." [/b]

Game is this Sat. Oct5 in Edmonton