Hall of Fame Game

Tracy Ham, Don Narcisse, Bob Cameron, Elfrid Payton (who unfortunately can't attend) and Joe Pistilli are the honourees tonight at the Hall of Fame Game in Regina. Here are some links to videos about the 5 inductees from CFL.ca:

Bob Cameron:

Elfrid Payton:

Tracy Ham:

Don Narcisse:

Joe Pistilli (builder):

Congratulations again to all of the honourees.

My favourite player and why I wore #8. Thanks.

pretty sure they kept saying that Bob was the first kicker going into the Hall. Dave Culter, Lui Passaglia and Dave Ridgeway are already there. If they meant just Punter, well Lui still beats him since he did both. Maybe I heard wrong.

Bob Cameron is the first punter to be added to the Hall of Fame. Passaglia is listed as a kicker in the HoF.

Did they say why Elfrid Payton wasn't able to attend the ceremony?

sheesh, I didnt even realize he wasnt there, they were talking about him so much. I hate when they do sideline or up in the box interviews during the game, no matter who they talking to. I try to pay more attention to the game.

PUNTER ! For the record Cameron was the best cold weather and kicking in to the wind, punter in the history of the cfl ! Was huge in the 88 Grey Cup ! Lui was badly out punted in that game ! I think Winnipeg may have sold there souls for that Grey Cup ! LOL !

Being an amateur punter and kicker myself in that order, I find this remarkable though had never heard of this guy.

For sure once you have punted a lot of balls in all kinds of conditions for a while, like any other skill, including throwing it, even what looks easy in punting becomes sort of an art when you can adjust slightly to punt the ball into the wind and definitely for sake of a ball when it is below 0 Celsius unlike I think now where they provide a new heated/warm ball so the ball is not as hard.

And in the NFL they have different "K" balls too for kicking for that matter. :roll:

It's great to hear of a punter in the CFL Hall of Fame as they are all amiss for sake of the NFL. :thup:

The TSN panels talked about the inductees in the pre-game show and TSN has it on their website. Here's the link:

Also the half-time induction ceremony is available online at the TSN website:

ahh your dreaming, there was no grey cup in 88 :wink:

I guess if Dunnigan didn't throw a pick, there may have been one played :oops:

and a damn good game at that :lol: