Hall of Fame call would be fitting tribute

Thu, March 27, 2008

Jones should be in

Paul Freissen Winnipeg Sun

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Tyrone Jones 46, was given six months to live

– and that was three years ago.

'From 1984 to '87 Jones was arguably
the best linebacker in the game,

winding up his Bomber career,
following the '91 season,

with 98 quarterback sacks, still
the franchise’s career leader.’

And what a character.

I agree ... even outside of the sob story. Give this man his due!


Can't say I remember him, but Sounds like he is deserving

I remember Jones being with the Riders, and one of his most infamous plays. When the Gold Miners started play in 93, Jones was on special teams, and the Riders punted-- with the receiving player from the Miners calling for a fair catch. Jones completely ignored the 5yd rule and just belted the returner, LOL.

I think he deserves to be in the HOF as well, he had some great years with the Bombers and is more than deserving of being inducted.