Hall no longer DC

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key...Chamblin might do double duties as DC. IMO if he does this it will be his demise.

Weeeird that Hall is out as DC but might still remain in another capacity. Why even go there? If you're not happy with him as DC, what position could he fill that would be suitable? You're not going to bust down a veteran coach like Hall to position coach at this stage in his career. Consultant?

I would be very wary of Chamblin trying to fill both roles. That's a lot for a young coach, and moreover, his D wasn't any great shakes in Hamilton and he had exactly one year's experience as a DC before jumping to SSK.

Well, Hall is a great positional coach, so I can understand that.

I am not a fan of double duties like this, and CC would prefer not to, but will if needed. He called a lot on the D this season, probably as much or more than Hall. I like Hall, I do, but CC is all about aggression on D, and Hall is more into the roll back no big stuff and wait for a mistake. I can understand the move in all honesty. Just because he has done well it does not mean he fits the grand plan.

I know he's a great DB coach, but that is a significant reduction in salary for an older coach like Hall with so much CFL experience. Almost an insult IMO.

As for CC calling the D, I hope it works out if that's what happens. SSK's D looked great at times this year, but also subpar at others. If CC was already doing a lot of playcalling on D this past season, he has to wear some of the responsibility for the unit's struggles. In terms of calling style, aggression is only good if you can change it up and avoid becoming predictable in your blitz looks, and if your DBs are good enough to either play man press or switch off into zone at the line.

Add to that they had a bit of a black hole at MLB. . . and that’s not on Hall, and it’s not on Chamblin. That’s on Taman.

Well not a shock considering the media had him all but gone as of last week. The only positive that I can find is that its done and now the team needs to move on. I think its a big mistake considering all the upheaval in the other coaching positions especially when it was the defense that was the only glimmer of a bright spot last year. Holding Edmonton to only 17 points and 7 of those were scored on a punt return tells you it wasn't the defenses fault they didn't win.

I don't like Cory pulling double duty as I think he has his hands full just being the head coach. His attention is bound to pulled more towards the defense this year if this happens and the potential for the offense to struggle is once again huge. The only possible hope is to get an experienced OC and Lapo is the only one out there that is viable in my opinion. Signing an inexperienced OC with little guidance from the head coach could mean a lot of unhappy fans and players as well.

This could easily effect signing free agents as well. If we get an inexperienced OC is Dressler going to want to stay and possibly not be used effectively again? I have my doubts if he would. He knows his window of cashing in is getting smaller and smaller each year and he isn't going to waste time on another floundering team.

I was really hoping that the big red panic button wouldn't have been pushed and a wholesale clean house attitude taken. Unfortunately that is exactly the appearance this has and other teams are going to smell the blood in the water.

They need to get an OC signed and if they get some dumb a** like Chappy then this team is in deep trouble I think.
Make Lapo an offer he can't refuse and get some stability back on this team and do it as soon as possible. Again no free agents are going to sign if things are uncertain and the sooner they deal with it the better.

I wonder who chamblain must have in mind for defensive co-ordinator, other than himself ???? any ideas ???

Leader Post article entitled “Hall handles demotion with class”. Yes, I expected he would since he is as classy as he is talented. Riders wont find a better DC. CC has now dropped to the bottom in my opinion and demonstrated self interest to an extreme along with no class. Next season end s/b interesting looking for Taman & Chamblin replacements!

well we'll see , he definitely seems to be slipping a bit, but then again maybe Ritchie hall was never his first pick to start with, I like the idea of an aggressive defence, especially when you watched the way ricky ray pick hall's defence apart. to much bend but don't break i always thought, you need to pressure the q.b.'s in this league, to many teams could move down the field on us with ease . but you need the offense to control the ball to, so the defense isn't always on the field,

with Chamblin being a defensive coach this is his comfort zone ?
it doesn’t need much improvement ( middle linebacker ).
the best defense is a heck of an offense because if they don’t have the ball they can’t score .

the first area that I would really want to improve on is time of possession,
last year our average was 24.14 min. with only Ottawa behind us. the league average was 28.27 ,
not having a backup QB prepared hurt us big time when Durant went down. (this may have been more mental that physical as it seemed that the whole team played oh well were done now that Durant is done at times ?).

the second area would be special teams ,
injuries hurt us big time here,
can someone help me here as the one category that I can’t find is punt hang time, this I know is not good ?


they don't seem to go by hang time with this punter, they seemed to be more interested in directional punting, punting into the wind, etc.. but a good punter can do it all. and what I liked about ricky Schmidt is his kick off's were huge, another area that I thought hurt us',. ???? field position is a big deal .

Shouldn’t the league average be 30?

I don’t believe the CFL statisticians document hang-time, but the Riders sucked for sure, and placement was “sketchy”.

Mobilizing your punter can compensate for that a lot, and the Riders had a mobile punter, hence why I thought they should have brought Jamie Boreham in even on a consultant basis…a good match for Bartell’s skillset, and you have money…do it. As far as kickoffs, it has always frustrated me that teams don’t find another team member for kickoffs. There are always guys who can boom it on team, but lack the accuracy to ever punt or kick field goals, but have more than good enough placement for kickoffs…if he is Canadian, even better.

Is CC even actively looking for a replacement? Or is he just saying that with every intention of just saying he couldn't find one so he can do it himself?

There have been names mentioned

Apparently Mike Benevides has been made an offer

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/source-riders-offer-benevides-dc-job/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/so ... es-dc-job/[/url]

Oh my god. This team is really trying to self destruct? We get a cast off OC from BC now we are going for a cast off from BC for a DC? Just totally totally stunned they would even consider this move. Is Cory trying to get fired before FA's get signed?
What possibly could they be thinking to consider this? Man I'm so PIS@@@D

sounds like Benevides is taking a couple of weeks to decide ?
Chamblin has stated that he wants CFL experience , so this may all that he can get to work with him ?
I hope that this is not the case ?

From the outside where I sit, hard to see a combination of Chapdelaine and Benevides as being any significant upgrade over Cortez and Hall.

I just don't get why they got rid of Hall.