...Hall is dc in Regina

.....Flag was right and i was wrong..(1st. crow to be eaten)
.....I think this hiring has the makings of some tumultuous times in riderville....This isn't sour grapes on my part..i definitely see some friction developing between Marshall and Hall trying to do the same job.. Marshall dictating his schemes and Hall becoming no more than a figure-head... However they have worked together before...we'll see :roll:

haha…just one crow Papa…it was 10-1 odds remember. You’ve paid now.
Good luck with rounding out the staff.

....heh....you weren't too sure yourself....AND i intend to honour the bet and make the next 9 posts 'crow' related....so hang tough :lol:

Yep papa…I figured you won this one.
But your debt is paid.
I offerred 10-1 …10 of mine to one of yours. so your debt is done.
That all said I’m looking forward to a great Bomber season. Keeping my fingers crossed for Buck but regardless the team has essential pieces together.Enjoy. I’d say 12-6.

....you're being a little kind and generous flag.....i mean a 12 and 6 year....i'll take it...AND i thought i worded the bet that the next 10 posts by you or myself would be of the crow eating variety, with regard to Hall....okay then ...if you're letting me off the hook....good man :lol: :thup:

papa just hold on a bit. . . Hall has not, as of yet, officially been named as the DC in Regina:

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/football/roughriders-football/Saskatchewan+Roughriders+haven+hired+Richie+Hall+source/4084047/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/footba ... story.html[/url]

So, at this point, you haven't lost a bet yet (and I haven't won one).

.....WHOAH indeed MadJack.......I must learn never to go by that sportsnet outfit...Lefko especially....I wonder if some serious money has crossed Halls path (wpg or ham) causing him to alter it..I guess we should always wait for a team announcement before jumping to conclusions :lol:

Some of them at Sportsnet seem to know what they are talking about (the guy who used to work for the Bombers) but Lefko is wrong so much more often than he's rights and his research is crappy. I don't know how he keeps his job.

If that's the case, then Lapo's even dumber than he looks.

His job is on the line this season and going with an 'unknown' as your DC is just career suicide imo.

Why should a guy who has several years experience coaching in the CFL not be considered for DC just because he hasn't been a DC before?

It's like starting Brink over Jyles with your playoff hopes hanging by a thread or handing off to a FB who never touched the ball before on 3rd down with game on the line.

There is a time and a place for that kind of thinking, just not when your job depends on it. In another situation, Chamblin or anyone should be given a chance, but I just don't think Lapo can afford to make another rookie mistake this time.


Another update on Hall being hired by Saskatchewan. :expressionless:

Have you read Friesen's latest:

According to him (and you can put as much weight on that as you want), Chamblin would be Lapo's 2nd choice after Hall.

Friesen said Chamblin was an assistant for Berry with us although I don't remember him but that doesn't mean anything because back then I wasn't as knowledgeable about position coaches as I am now. 8)