Hall heds south

Alex Hall is heading to the Panthers. I must admit I am a little surprised due to his age and practice roster eligibility and such. NFL teams seem to be a lot more willing to roll the dice this year. The Riders have some potential candidates to step in on the line...hopefully someone shine in camp or they make a move on someone. That said, I could see Hall back in the CFL...but I don't see him with the Riders. His numbers basically stopped once he was with the club.

It is kind of knew for guys to get a second time around in the NFL in the late 20's.
Both Sheets and Hall had spent three of so years in the NFL already before coming to the CFL like many players do.
Getting the call to go back is something that is a bit new.
Hall is in a great situtaiton whether he makes an NFL roster or not at the end of AUg,
By that point og the CFL season there will be injuries, teams in the Hunt looking for a game changer and Hall will not have a shortage of offers.
As for salary cap issues. There will likley be a high salary guy on the 9 game IR or a team could place one there to open up cap space..
It won't be like he would have been out of the CFL for a couple of years he played a couple of full seasons and will be in prim playing shape for a half a season coming from an NFL camp

Sure doesn't help Halls case that he is trying to crack one of the best front seven's in the entire NFL. It will be tough to crack even a backup spot. It doesn't help his case that he is very small for the DE spot in the NFL, so IMO he is on the wrong team to make the NFL.


Well he was expected to head south anyways, so this is not a socking departure.

I am pretty shocked a will be 29 y/o with very limited PR eligibility DE is being given a shot.

I dont think that he has any PR eligibilty. He was a late round draft pick played two seasons '08 and '09 on the browns roster and part of '10 season with the cardinals and Giants rosters.
Even at 29 if he can help the panthers on a specific down he will be in. One other thing the CFL does is play almost everyone even starters on special teams do to the smaller 42 man Game day roster. Coming out of a DII school he is probably a much better player on defense and special teams thanks to the CFL.
Also only being his 4th NFL season he still comes very cheap.

If not he becomes a mid season upgrade whether its due to injury or lack of production

well duh...this can be said about any player to ever to put on pads in the history of the game. It is however onusual for an NFL team to invest in an aged player, especially on the lines...but we have seen more than one instance of that this year.

well duh that was a point I made earlier in a post that more expereinced pro players from the CFL to there late 20’s now are getting a 2nd try around becasue of still a low salary scale and much more experience in pro football

still unusual due to is PR eligibility in combination with age.guys getting shots at an older age generally have a couple years eligibility left. He is a long shot at being a game dayer there, and thus a high probability of week 3 camp cut unless someone flames out.

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