Hall getting no respect

++++++++++++++I think that Max Hall is not getting the props for his play.
At about the same time two other second year pro QBs were entering their teams line ups Demarco in BC and Callaros in Toronto both had started off with wins but really how good did they actually play.
Demarco after winning two games slowly began hitting rock bottom with a team, the Lions, with a ton of talent and weapons healthy on offense. Calloaros also won a string of games but really playing poorly for about 3/4 of every game of the road win streak coming back in the 4th qtr is not exactly something that as a coach you want to rely on.
In the meantime Winnipeg in flux the new Bombers acting GM and OC began bringing in some better talented players to at least push players in front of them.
During the course they found a gem at RT to go with January, Wil Ford began hitting his stride, Clarence Denmark began playing better and two weeks ago culminating with Sims Walker entering the line up and Hall has picked up it up a 340 yard passing performance as well as beating Montreal in Montreal a week after Montreal thumped Edmonton in aEdmonton and halted the Als two game win streak in a game i am sure most thought would be three in a row for the Als.
I would love to see Sims Walker back in the line up along with the kid Miles to go with Denmark and Canadians Watson and Kohlert.
Playing a Hamilton team that will be resting players for the playoffs but the replacements will be guys who have practiced or backed ups all season and will be hungry to play especially with Hamilton having so many guys getting healthy roster spots for the playoffs will be at premium for some guys. Ask Nate Busey who did nothing to lose his job but there are only so many roster spots

.....Hall will 'most likely' be back next year....I'd like to see him work on his arm strength....Those rainbow ducks have to go...I don't think he'll be the starter next year as the Bombers will 'more than likely' secure one in the off season...As for the last game against Ham....Probably Burkes swan song and seeing as there is nothing but pride and a try-out for next year at stake, this one is a wash....T-Cats will be resting their starters for the playoffs and watching closely for injuries...Could go either way... :roll:

As a Ticat fan, here are some of the major changes I would expect to see from Hamilton in Winnipeg this week:

Rested for playoffs (not playing):
on O...
-Burris (LeFevour to start, Masoli to see second half action)
-Gable (replaced by Chevon Walker)
-Fantuz (replaced by Stala)

on D...
-J. Johnson (replaced by ex-Bomber Bowman at MLB)