Hall and Tillman

Well, they did not see eye to eye, so Hall is out. He had his team playing well enough down the stretch to retain his job, but if he does not have the same vision as his GM, well, he has to go. Tillman will be taking the light next year...good or bad, so he needs someone who desires to follow the same path.
Hall ends up in the Peg, Reed, in Eskoland?
Possible, but I put my money on Dave Dickenson as the new Esks coach. As for Hall, he will be a hot commodity if he is willing to go back as a D-Co. I could see him in Sask, as either HC or DC.

Wish we could get Dave D as a HC, but I am 90% sure that if Tillman goes after him, he will end up being an Esk. As for the Austin rumors, don't see it happening. He kinda slapped Tillman in the face when Eric let him out of his contract because of the special circumstances (there were a couple) of his new job offer, but leaving the next season has to be a slap in the face, no matter how good of friends they are. Austin has no desire to be a part of the CFL...clearly.

It surprises me to see that nobody can see that Hall will be the Roughies new head coach once Miller retires.

I don't think hall will be HC in Sask. The BoD and Hopson likely agreed with Tillman on passing Hall up for HC so why would they hire him now?

Not sure where, but I am fairly confident that Hall will become some CFL team's defensive coordinator sooner rather than later, unless he gets a job offer in the college ranks in the USA that he can't pass up. He is not the first defensive coordinator to be less than successful as a head coach, and he was one fine defensive coordinator.


a) Tillman is no longer in Sask.
b) Ritchie has a few years as HC under his belt
c) The Roughies have no clear successor to Miller in their ranks
d) My buddy, a real estate agent in Regina, says Ritchie was calling for listings yesterday.

Calling for listings? Are you sure??? Tillman had his reasons for not hiring Ritchie, you don't think the BoD or hopson agreed with any of it? Just saying. Also, you should get your realtor friend to call Tillman then because i believe he still has his house in Regina, if Ritchie is calling maybe he can work a deal with the two of them. :wink:

umm if Richie was unable to make the Esks work, what makes you think he'll be able to make our team work?

Dear cflisthebest: Well, coaches coach and players play. Methinks one has to have both going in the same direction for success. History means little when comparing apples and oranges.

what is your point here? it is comparing apples to apples. He was unable to inspire a team...period. Nothing improved until Tillman showed up. Coincidence...perhaps, but I tend to think not. I have always thought Hall would not make a great HC. He has the smarts, but I am not sure about attitude. There is a reason that Hall, one of the most critically acclaimed defensive coordinators, was turned down 8 times for HC positions before someone finally bit.

I can't see him as HC but DC with some team in the CFL. I'd love for it to be Regina because our D was one of the best consistently for many years under his leadership. Players followed him to Edmonton. Also, in Edmonton he had too much on his plate and should have only did the HC job and not part-time DC as well. Losing two coaches probably didn't help either half way thru the year.

love the discussion for Ritchie. I was dissapointed when we lost him, then again I was dissapointed by losing Lapolice and Reed also. Loosing relativly young football minds is not a good thing, especially when we replace with older minds. As for Ritchie he needed out from Regina to see something different. Too many years with the Roughies. Now he is a little seasoned especially the way his last year went in Eskimo land. He was the HC, O-coordinator and the defacto GM. The reason things started to fall into place for him, was he lost a role when ET signed on. He was able to concentrate more on what he was hired to do. Ritchie will be fine as a headcoach or or D-coordinator anywhere, but preferable back with the Green and White

I think he was the best.

Just watched the Edmonton news on CTV tonight. They reported that no one has been annouced to fill Halls position and say that Kent Austin is interested. I don't know how much to believe this.

it is highly unlikely they will make a move until the season is over. They may be talking to people, but that is it. There is very likely a candidate that is still in play...Montreal or dave D or something. They will at least talk to them and look at a few options. I don't think they will take a chance on Austin. He will be gone if he gets a reasonable option in the states.

Tillman said that they will not announce anything until after the Grey Cup. I also doubt Austin goes to Edmonton, but stranger things have happened.

The media says that the Riders will strongly consider Hall. I think there is a good chance that he will be coaching for our side again. Either way tho, his coaching career isn't over.

I dont think Hall should take over as HC in Saskatchewan. Although he wasnt given much to work with from Danny Macocia, I just dont think he is head coach material. Our defense was at its finest when Hall and Etcheverry worked together. Bringing in Hall to assist Etcheverry would be ideal. As for Austin in Edmonton, I too also doubt it. He has an opportunity to put his daughter through one of the better colleges in the States. I doubt he will pass that up, and take a significant pay cut to come back to the CFL. If he does indeed leave Cornell, it will be for another college team or an NFL team.

You don’t mean Kavis Reed do you? The man who had our special teams get more penalties than the defense and offence combined. The man openly admitted to knowing there was 13 men on the field in the last play of the Grey Cup and also admits to doing nothing about it. He is dead to me; I wish him all the best. As long as that is as far away from my team as humanly possible.

And what would have you done. w/o a timeout there is nothing that could be done. Hall also mentioned he saw there was 13, but once the play is blown in it is too late. Last man back has the responsibility of counting 11 men in front of him. If he counts more he needs to do something about it, like step out of bounds...STC is not responsible for counting the men on the field. It is not his fault that people dropped their assignments. If you don't know your assignments after 22 games (18 + 2 preseason, + 2 playoff) you probably shouldn't be playing football.

Could see Hall return here as defensive coordinator next year. I’m not a huge fan of Etch’s defense myself, but that would depend if those higher are also share my opinion.