****HALIFAX WINS..new stadium in 2012?!?!?


TORONTO (CP) - Halifax has been named Canadian bid city for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The Nova Scotia city beat out Hamilton, Ottawa and suburban Toronto's York Region in a unanimous decision.

Halifax also bid for the 2010 Games, but lost out to Hamilton in the Canadian selection process.

The 2014 Games host will be announced in November 2007 in Sri Lanka.

International bids for 2014 so far include Glasgow, Scotland, and Abuja, Nigeria.

The 2006 Games will be held next March in Melbourne, Australia. New Delhi is hosting the 2010 Games.

ONE small step for canada, one large step for the CFL!!!!

Let's just hope Canada wins though, I will be keeping my fingers crossed until 2007 when the winner is decided.
Way to go Halifax!

yep....but atleast theres still hope...
had halifax not won this part, then there would be no chance for a halifax team, and the CFL would concentrate on Quebec-City again.




Dont forget Dehli in 2010.

Dehli? Pakistan and India are ready to nuke each other in a moments notice over Kashmir, why did they give the games to them???

I Dunno, thats just where I read the 2010 are.

That's great news for Halifax. But, I have read how the African nation supposedly has the insight track since this continent has never held the Games. Hopefully not, but this may be the old bridesmaid left standing at the alter.


The centrepiece of the bid is a sports park to be located in the Shannon Park area of north-end Dartmouth, near the MacKay bridge.

The proposed 40-hectare park would include a stadium, aquatics centre, field house and athletes’ village. The clustering of facilities worked in Halifax’s favour.

"I think the venue plan and, in particular, the plan for the athletes’ village, is world-class," said Wayne Hellquist, chairman of the bid review committee.

"It’s a new facility that is going to be built with combinations required for people to live there. It’s going to be an absolutely fabulous village on the waterfront."

The estimated 6,000 athletes and officials would be able to walk to the opening and closing ceremonies. Most of them would also have easy access to their competition sites.

Mr. MacGillivray said the plan is to build the facilities as close to 2012 as possible, stage-test events in 2013 and be in full flight for 2014.

"We’re going to build new, world-class facilities," Mr. MacGillivray said. "They will be modern. It will be a city on the ocean. The setting in Halifax will be spectacular."

so if they win the bid in 2007, they are going to wait another 5 years to build the stadium?!?!?!...too long of a wait!..

that means, if the CFL really wants a 10th team by 2010, it has to be quebec-city....but they dont have a stadium either.

so the CFL has to push its goal of a 10th team by 2010, to 2012.

( hopefuly, once halifax is declared host city in 2007, CFL fans in atlantic canada will push to have that 2012 date moved earlier )

Never mind 2012; I don't think the stadium will be ready for CFL use until 2015. Think about it: they're talking about staging "test events" in 2013; so it won't be ready for CFL games then. In 2014 they have the Games themselves, which if I'm not mistaken clash with the CFL season. After the games end, it will take some time to turn the stadium into a CFL facility (for example, erecting goal posts, laying turf, etc.) That will pretty much make 2014 a write-off. (When Hamilton was in the running for the 2010 games, one of the proposals included a new stadium which would be available for the Tiger-cats in 2011.)

As I said before, I'm torn on the issue: I would have liked Hamilton to get the bid, though at the same time I'm glad Halifax got it. But I never believed this would allow Halifax to secure an expansion team before the end of this decade. If the CFL still wants to expand within this time line, cities like Quebec City just became a lot more attractive. (They have a better chance of getting a new stadium built in the next few years than Halifax does now.)

But even if the league decides to stand pat at 10 teams, Nova Scotia shouldn't give up on their CFL aspirations for 2015: How does the "Halifax Renegades" sound?

but the commonwealth games are only 2 weeks long....so have the Halifax Huskees play on the road for 2 or 3 games in a row.

how do u figure quebec city has a better chance of getting a stadium built in the next few years?...where did u hear this? i havent heard anything of them building a stadium.

C'mon mate! never gonna happen, enough with the relocating Ottawa talk.

this is a time for rejoicing.

I don't believe that we will have to wait until 2015 for a stadium. Blueprints for the Shannon Park stadium have been around for a while. It is no big deal to put a football field within a 400-metre track. Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton is like that. It's no big deal to tear up the turf in 2014 and put down sod. My guess is if Halifax is chosen on November 9, 2007, the stadium would be built the next year and the new team would begin play in 2009. I think they mean other facilities like the aquatics centre wouldn't be built before 2012. The stadium will be pretty basic so there would be no sense in delaying it's construction. This will also help spread out construction costs over a few years.

i hope your right!

Yeah, hope they'll get teh stadium soon.

I think that, if an investor knew he'd have government help in building a stadium (since the government would see the Commonwealth Games coming up, assuming Halifax wins them), it would become very easy to find someone to build a stadium in Halifax - thereby paving the road for the creation of the "Halifax Admirals" (so far the best name I've been able to come up with)

Atlantic Admirals, Schooners or Thunder.