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Actions Sports? MHAHAHAHA!!!

I submit something to OLN cuz I can get that where I am, and I can get bars to play it as well! 8) (I'll be 21 in less than a month from now BABY!)

Kanga, You'll be bouncing your Grandchildren on your knee before Saskatoon and Victoria get teams.

cool!!! if that how long it takes.... that's how long it takes.

Before worrying about where to place a 12th team, let's get a 10th first and make sure all 10 are solid ... Yes, the League has worked for 50 years with 9 teams, but it would be infinitely better if it had 10 teams!!! I can't wait ...

With 10 teams though, I really, really wouldn't want to see each team play each other team twice ... keep the divisions intact. You should play your divisional rivals more than twice a year. I say that in a 10-team league, play everyone in your division 3 times (= 12 games). Play the remaining 6 games against the otehr division - you'd play one team twice, and obviously that team would be different every year. And if you hosted a team from the other division in one year, you'd visit them the next.

I really hope they keep the divisions intact ... if every team plays every other team twice, then logically they should give the six playoff spots to the top six teams in the league, not to the top 3 from each division, and that would kill off the East-West rivalry in the Grey Cup. I don't even think there's enough divisional play as it is (with 9 teams).

It would also save money ... if you only have to fly to the other side of the country 3 times (instead of 5 times, if you played every other team twice)

i totally agree with u, canuckev

I don't know why people keep mentioning Saskatoon , Victoria, and Kamloops as sites for a potential 12th team. The obvious choice would be London. London has about 400000 people and is situated far enough away from Hamilton and Toronto as to not hurt them. It also has a strong economy. Who cares if London has to play in the west division. Detroit and Columbus play in the western conference of the NHL and play an 82 game schedule. London has a good football tradition with the UWO Mustangs and the junior Beefeaters and with some work could be a solid CFL city.

.......great, now we all have to look forward to a legally drunk KK to spice things up........


Okay...now that I just woke up. I will tell you why 9 teams is riduclous.
It took way too long for the league to think expansion. The problem with Canada (I am Canadian by the way), is we tend to lay back and let a lot of stuff stay stas quo, in business and in political decisions.

Offtrack backup statements: We lost the Avro Arrow, the greatest aerospace achievement in the 50s because we chickened out, our businesses are suffering because our companies felt too comfortable because there was no US threat and now there is.

We lost the Ottawa Roughriders and tried a US expansion experiment. But never tried to really open up the game all over Canada to truly make it a National game. We could have another successful franchise in the Kitchener/Waterloo area because of how much football is a program in that region. Quebec is blossoming. We could in theory have a 12 team league in the future. Way back...I wrote the CFL that marketing was the key. They needed to do these things:

a) expansion - which it appear they are thinking of. My plan eventually made it a 16 team league down the road.

b) marketing - things like trading cards (which eventually came out 2 or 3 years after my letter) and a video game (which they are trying to source a publisher. They even wrote the same reasons in their reports as my reasons. These reasons being to start building on the youth.

c) Increase % non-import players - in doing so, home grown talent is drafted. The more CIS players get in, the more family/friend interest. I am sure CIS player would be happy to hear that after graduating, there is more of a chance to have a football career after University.

Anyways...that's my take.

the only way I see to increases the non import ratio in to include QB in it. You have to give imports a chance as well. I think having imports will be the key to expansion in the future.

Wow, where were you guys a month ago when I spelled out my plan to save the CFL ?

I personally see NO PROBLEM with eliminating the artificially created East-West Grey Cup matchup.

With a 2 division league consisting of 5 eastern and 5 western clubs.

Each club would play its’ divisional foes 2wice … each game worth 3 points, instead of 2. This ADDS a PREMIUM to DIVISIONAL games.

The remaining 10 games would be against non- divisioal teams, also, 2wice, also home and away. This ALLOWS for fans of ALL cities to SEE ALL TEAMS. Truly in the spirit of Canada.

That is a total of 34 points to an undefeated team.

At the end of the regular season, each DIVISION WINNER is ranked 1 and 2 The team with the most points gets ranked 1. In case of a tie between the Argos and Lions for example … the team that scored the most points in the two regular season games gets seeded 1.

The rest of the league gets ranked 3 thru 6. East, West is no matter. If Montreal and Halifax had more points than Edmonton and Sask then they get seeded 3 and 4 while Edmonton and Sask travel according to seed.

The highest remaining seed after the first round travels to the #1 seed, while the lower seed travels to the #2.

This way, the East / West division gets a BOOST, but not a GUARANTEE to the Grey Cup.

As time passed and we got more ALL EAST and ALL WEST Grey Cups … it should serve to make the REGULAR SEASON MATCHUPS between non-divisional teams even more novel, or special, or appealing.In that, not only do the games have potential impact on final seed, but they also will allow some fans a chance to see the potential grey cup representaive in their home town.

It also OPENS up the POSSIBILITY for some real DIVERSE Grey Cup matchups.

Just my .02.

i'd like to see winning percentage instead of points...so eliminate ties from the game...every tie goes to overtime like the grey cup game..as long as is needed.

keep it that same as now (points and CO, the great compromise). if their is a tie, use the series recond as a breaker.

but the CO needs fixing, in case a CO team wins the Division Final, award the divisional troupy to the winners of the division in the standings, that way a CO team can win the game, but no the Divisional Championship. this will also put more emphasis to be the top team in the East/West standings.

this has some tradision to it, wasn't it the champ of the West in the West Standings and the champ of the East in the East Standings the two teams that played in the Cup many years ago?

Plus, award a banner to the team that has the Best recond over all isn't a bad idea too.