halifax team

i like halifax and all but don't you think it would be 2 far for the teams to get there and then play the next day??

BOMBERS in 06!

simply adjust the schedule so teams play in thier own division more often, so they make less coast-to-coast trips....and if bc is to visit halifax, have them visit montreal in the week prior or after that game, so they get 2 east coast road games outta the way with one trip.

......no, not with charter flights......teams from the west would need to maybe arrive two days in advance of the game.....and the league would probably pair up away games with say Ottawa or Montreal, back to back away games, in order to cut down on travel expenses....the team that would be toughest hit would be the Halifax team itself........

make the schedule 18 games, you play each team 2 times, and do what D god and RW said above. That's what I say.

I hope they do it sooner than later. I don't want to wait until 2008 for the league to finally even out. Having 9 teams is ridiculous.

GFL, your new so I will be nice, but 9 teams has worked for 50 YEARS!!! I agree that it's about time for one more team (or teams), but considering that Canada only has a few large cities, the league has done well with what it can.

I wouldn't mind it one bit if they had 9 teams for another 50 years.

I may favor Expansion, but as long as there is always a league, no matter how many teams, I'm content. Better than no league at all.

Commish, why is 9 teams so ridiculous comapred with a league that has 30 for lots of reasons, the first being watering down of talent. At least in the CFL, we get the very best Canadians apart from a select few who have both the talent and the size to make the NFL, and we get top American college players who have all the talent in the world but are just somewhat undersized for the NFL or are "tweeners" for the NFL, too big for such a position but too small for another position, but again, with all the talent in the world. At least we aren't watering down what's available with 30 teams.

Well said KK, I like that 50 years, goes with my favourite beer with that name. :smiley:

I think having 2 confrences/divisions of equal numbers of teams is imperative to have any sort of ballance in the league.

What I'd do if I was in charge would be...

  1. Expand by one team in the east. Sounds like Halifax is in the front running, personally, I'd pick Quebec City. Maybe because this is the ONLY Canadian City I've actually visited, or because you could really play on the Montreal/Quebec City French speaking rivalry....

  2. Play each of the 4 confrence teams twice (one home one away), and each of the opposing confrence teams once (so either 2 or 3 home games), alternating home/away every year.

This would total 13 (8 division, 5 non division).

  1. Divisional champions would be decided based on division records, with total record as a tie breaker, with points diferential as a 3rd tie breaker.

  2. Keep the mechanism by which a non qualifying team from one division could take the place of a qualifying team from the other (forget the term you guys use).

  3. Keep play off format all the same....

Only problem would be the reduction of games from 18 to 13. Personally I'd add a 3rd divisional match agains all division opponent to take the total up to 17 matches, before I'd have 2 games vs all opponents.

I think that regional rivalries are key to drawing in fans and drumming up support. Keep the cross country trips to a minnimum (cut back travel costs and player fatigue), and have more local games for fans to travel with the club to cheer on their team for away games....

Then again, these are just my personal ideas.

Adding a 10th team would make scheduling much easier though.

I'm not saying don't add a 10th team, I think this would be great as you say. I would love another team especially in the far east of Canada or another Quebec team. All I'm saying is that if the CFL can't get a 10th franchise, is doesn't mean that 9 teams is ridiculous.

Oh god, another expansion topic :roll:

well, it only shows that the sky is the limit in the CFL right now. You can say that for the NFL, becase I think 32 teams is about as far as you can go.

I like these ideas the best, games should still be 18 games with two byes and a schedule based on the league rather than divisions so the labor day games are that more important when you play your rival back to back. Love how you think we should keep the "Crossing Over" (that's what 4 is) and 3 if you mean to award the division championship to the winner or the standings in their division (the team that earns the bye).

my basic thing about Expansion, I'd like to see more teams in the decades to come, like about 22 teams or whatever the league can manange, but it also wouldn't be bad if the league just had 10 or 12 teams or just be with 9. However, I like to and want to see more.

I like all of your ideas except for the reductin of games. We can keep it 18 if each team plays each other team twice(1 home 1 away). Although division rivalries are fun to watch and important, having too many seems to take away interest. (ex. NHL division rivals play something like 8 times a year with the new scheduling- alot of oilers fans aren't as excited when edmonton plays calgary or vancouver anymore)

hopefully they expand PAPS stadium in quebec.....then they can add a team there....then if halifax gets its stadium, they can expand there to....then we'll only need one western team to have 12...id rather be one step away from 12- than one step from 10.

Now with this great cap(SMS) hopefully this will speed up expansion by years and get both Halifax and QC in the east and Saskatoon in the west. Wow, cost certainty for the new and existing teams and a faboulous 12 team league which continuous to soar yearly with increase TV, sponsorship $ and a new 3 year deserved contract for TW. Don’t forget the new TV deal is also due in a couple of years and it says here TW can get $20M per year and maybe even $10M for the naming annual Grey Cup rites. Up up and away.

I think Victoria will get a team way before Saskatoon, but is their intrest there to suppot a new team.

Saskatoon will have it's day if Victoria gets a team, but they have to have weath going frist, like Alberta. Then you have Moncton.

The same goes for other areas of the country, they have to get off their feet frist, like Newfoundland.

Aren't there more and newer sports facilities in the Toon and a greater population, certainly younger. Of course, neither has what is necessary, a 25,000-30,000 seat stadium.

where did u read that they could get $20 mil per year?..or is that just wishful thinking?

aslong as they only have 9 teams, i think they wont get more than 15 mil.

Victoria has a bigger pop than the Toon on Vancouver Is. One of the reasons the Riders are in Regina is becase their are more people in southern Saskatchewan than in the north and you also have some 10,000 or less potensial American fans across the border in Montana if they ever just come up and watch a game once a season.

The current TV deal is nearly 10M and that was signed I believe three years ago. Since then, we all agree the league has increased in all facets substantially. The TV viewership current record numbers on TSN(395,000 average) and CBC(450,000) and is the envy of other leagues, save and except HNIC on Saturday nights. With the important young age demographic at record numbers. Sponsorship thanks to TW have tripled and in addition to the new cap(SMS) no doubt, TW will be signed to a new multi year contract. Therefore bringing more stability, credibility and . Even though we throw TV dollars around, it certainly in my mind may not be much to ask. Who knows maybe this is not enough or atleast in Canada. What about US viewership which has also skyrocketed and is currently bringing no , just exposure. I am sure at some point US$ will come in. Ya baby.

I'm sure hope money is going to the league I love when I watch here in the states.

You can guarantee that I've give you guys cash in the from of merchandising! 8) :oops: :mrgreen:

maybe the OLN network will pick up the games in the states, and pay for it???...they already have the NHL...OLN is trying to slowly change into a sporting network....football and hockey are a good start....even if the CFL only gets 2-5 million US per year, add that to the 15-20 CND they can get here....thats a good deal.....or maybe 'spike tv'