Halifax team name

Schooners would be paying homage to sailing/nautical lifestyle, or because popularity of the kind of boats; not calling people boats! And Admirals for the high ranking officers in marine/nautical nature. Not because Canada had any high ranking admirals.

Look at the term in a broad perspective, not just at Halifax or the people of the city.

Would have also thought the Maritime Marauders would be a good name with the Pirate type theme .

Halifax Seadogs
Halifax Herring Chokers


There is also a brand of beer named Schooner. Pass me a Schooner, by !

Highlanders, while nice, doesn’t fit with the city of Halifax. Named after the Earl of Halifax (an Englishman) in 1749, the real Highlanders would have probably liked to wring his neck, owing to the clearances. There is not much about the Irish and Scottish settlers on mainland Nova Scotia. If you want highlanders, you go to Cape Breton.

Corvettes is a suggestion of mine from long ago. Not the car, the ship.

Thanks man!

Dry Ice

This was especially striking since our Dad wasn’t old enough to enlist until 1944. Yamamoto was remarkably prescient.

Totally agree; can’t stand the singular team names.

As has been mentioned, Halifax is too English for “Highlanders”; the Scots are mostly in Cape Breton and Pictou County. Plus, as a PEI resident, I suggest that Atlantic or Maritime has a better chance of drawing fans from the wider region. (Being a McMaster grad, Marauders has a nice ring to it.)

Convoy could be pluralized (there was more than one) and would certainly have historical resonance. I just cringe at the thought of someone trying to work the word “convoluted” into a Convoy headline or play call. It would only work in Danny Gallivan’s voice.

Admiral Murray was certainly worthy of greater recognition, but it’s pretty obvious why most Canadian war heroes are little known outside of Canada, even though Canada at the end of WWII had a very powerful navy. Canadians just don’t wave the flag and blow the horn like some other countries do, or at least Canadians didn’t until relatively recently.

For those of you who made a season ticket deposit, you should now have an e-mail providing you one official vote for a name. Check your spam folders if you don’t see it! :slight_smile:

The Maritime Mosasaurs


I don’t really care if they call themselves Atlantic Airheads, just as long as they exist.

His prescience is one of the qualities that made him one of history’s greatest admirals.

Halifax Hadrosaurs:

Offensive linemen get too little love.


You mean these guys.

Halifax Hippopotami






i like it

Atlantic Shoremen