Halifax team name

I understand the desire to name the potential Halifax team the ‘Atlantic Schooners’ because of the failed franchise attempt of the 80s, however, I believe that there are much more suitable and catchier names than that.

My choices for a Halifax team name would be:

1)Halifax Highlanders (due to the Irish and Scottish heritage of many people of the area)
2)Maritime Mariners (tying in the Maritimes as a whole)
3)Atlantic Ice (to make use of the ‘Atlantic’ name and the intense snow that pushes through at times)


Mod Edit: Added the actual names being considered by ownership to the poll.


Maritime Mariners is way too repetitive. We get it - they represent the Maritimes - no need to repeat it.

The Kootenay Ice of the Western Hockey League may protest use of their nickname.

Why is the subject line in all capitals? Are you yelling at us?

I like the Atlantic Armada or the Schooners.

Maybe he’s a fan of the Redblacks. . . sorry I mean the REDBLACKS.

My vote goes to Admirals, with Highlanders second choice.

Don’t know why really, Canada hasn’t ever produced an Admiral to rank with, say, Nelson, Drake, Yamamoto, Togo, or Nimitz.

Mind you my father served in the Canadian navy in WW2, so I suppose we could posthumously promote him to Admiral. . . he served on the Pacific coast in case the Japanese attacked us. . . which they never did. . . it’s long been my belief that Admiral Yamamoto planned the Pearl Harbor attack because he knew my Dad was going to be defending our west coast and he was too scared to tangle with him so he attacked the US instead figuring they were an easier mark.

Anyway that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


LOL. Keeping in the spirit of the subject matter with the yelling at us and all , not to mention the REDBLACKS all caps thingy I voted for other and think they should choose the name Atlantic REDLOBSTERS or better yet how about the REDCAPS ? 8)I mean we used to have two teams that were both Rough and were both Riders so why not two teams that are both RED ? ::slight_smile:

I like both Schooners and Admirals, though I can see the former happening since the branding is already in place.

To those who put down deposits already, based on the poll provided, I take it doesn’t show a breakdown of the votes.

I have a feeling they’re down to 2 names. Schooners and another (not sure which one), if they find Schooners has an overwhelmingly popular based on the results, they’ll just go with it.

The whalers

I voted Conoy(s), but also like Armada, Admirals, Bluenose, Breakers, Destroyers, Frigates, and especially Corvettes.

I heard the same thing

Gotta go with the Schooners.


I just can’t see the team being called the Halifax Other.

Surprised to see it be so popular. 8)

I think Schooners is pretty boring; I voted Admirals.

Halifax (Something or Other That’s Plural)


I gotta agree. Besides, it should be singular — Schooner. People aren’t boats.

I’m not a fan of any of those names. I hope they do something like Ottawa did and come up with a unique name that few have thought of.

I voted Highlanders even though that would be slightly silly at sea level. I just think the branding and look would be fantastic. Plus we’d get an annual Tartan vs Plaid series with Ottawa. I also think using Halifax is the right way to go.

But I’d be perfectly happy with Atlantic Schooners.

I voted other, as I like Atlantic Armada.

The Halifax Highlanders name has a following already with the Goon Hockey team .

Not sure if the name is trademarked but I like it .

These pictures from Chris Creamer’s site .