Halifax Team Name?

Another to add to the list for consideration (so long as it isn't blown out of the water first):




can't have 2 teams called 'the boatmen'

Good point.

Back to the "Rough Rider / Roughrider" debate.

Halifax Higlanders

How about Halifax Will Not Get A CFL Team.

Halifax Hoax

Halifax Justthefaxma'am.

There is no team and this is what the third thread on this already. :roll:

how about the
moncton wolves

Gets my vote....Until a Stadium Gets built and a Suitable Owner steps up.............

Halifax Phantoms? :wink:

Here You Go! All the Halifax Names you could ever imagine

  1. Halifax Lost at Sea
  2. Halifax Seamen Struggle
  3. Halifax Furlers
  4. Halifax Sinking Ship
  5. Halifax False Alarm
  6. Halifax $5 Schooners all night.
  7. Halifax Hold the Facts
  8. Halifax Hypothermia
  9. Halifax Low Tide
  10. Halifax Dingys
  11. Halifax Treading Water
  12. Halifax Hopefulls
  13. Halifax Hardly
  14. Halifax Hilarious
  15. Halifax Cannot believe they finally got a team!!!!!!!

Just about died laughing at "Halifax Cannot believe they finally got a team!!!!!!!" :lol:

Thoughts is this not moronic naming a team that one does not exist and two may never exist. What another name the Halifax team thread? :lol: :lol:

Halifax Ruff Riderz

Halifax Pink Shirts!!!
lol, Halifax Stadia!


Mighty Ducks of Halifax

YES! :lol: