Halifax Stadium Petition

With the CFL season about to start, there are probably alot of people who are just returning to this site. For anyone interested, there is an online petition to get Halifax a stadium.

Although the intention is good, this is like beating a dead horse.
Until a Mr. Asper(Maritimes version) mover and shaker comes along and gets all levels of government involved, yes even the municipal tree huggers, nothing will come of it.

Lol, this is my petition. I have it, my facebook group, and a web site in my signature.

There is no harm in trying.

I believe every possible means of influence should be used to keep the idea alive and in media and the minds of the public and Nova Scotia opinion leaders.

Good job.

Over 1,400 people on the Facebook group, and 281 signatures on the petition.

And on-line petetions don't carry a whole lot of weight.

Intention is good, but if I was abetting man, I'd bet against anything happening.

282 now, dawg! :rockin:

Like rpaege says...can't hurt.


Just thought I would give this a bump with the Labour Day weekend coming up.

Put a nail into this coffin, its done.


For anyone new to this site and interested.