Halifax Renegades?

Im wondering , instead of suspending the Gades franchise, why didnt they just move them to Halifax. They filled the stadium for the exhibition game played there, so im guessing that if they put in temporary seating, they could easily support a franchise. The CFL should have rewarded the loyal fans in the Maritimes by moving the Gades to Halifax.

Talk about beating dead horse. This was discussed on every board at the time.

Here's main reason. There's no stadium capable of housing a CFL team. For exhibition game, capacity was just over 11K and that meant bringing in about 7K in temporary bleacher seating. That would create astronomical ticket prices. There's been no prospective owner step out to say he wants team.

Besides, Ottawa is far better market because of pop, area's income as well as history and tradition.

Bet the farm on this --- CFL will be back in Ottawa long before they go near Atlantic Canada.


thanks for the intelligent reponse DG....

mine was alot more intelligent than you 'halifax renegades' post...muHAHAHAHA

I think it could have worked... at least they would have supported the team, unlike the Ottawas fans who stayed away in droves....

if u knew anything, u'd know halifax's pre-season game needed about 7K temp.seats just to get the capacity to 11K....and 7K was the most temp seats they could fit.....so playing to 11K game in and game out for a whole season is not an option.

u do know halifax is said to be a 'shoe in' to win the 2014 commonwealth games bid, which is announced november '07?...

and there is talk of starting construction of a new stadium ( CFL size ) in the dartmouth area soon after they win the bid, rather than waiting for the 2014 games.

then u will see your team in halifax.

If I recall, when the Flames moved from Atlanta to Calgary, they played in the Corral for years (8 I believe) before the Saddledome was built-and it was a 6000 seat facility. The Senators played in the Ottawa Civic Centre for a few seasons before their new arena was built, so it can be done. I say it would be worth a try.

but that’s hockey, the average attendance at a hockey stadium is 15,000, a football stadium is close to 30,000 or 35,000.

and no, I don’t agree with moving the Gades to Halifax.

Yes, worth a try if there was no or very little chance of Ottawa returning next year. But this is not the case, the Gades very likely IMO will be playing again next year in Ottawa so it would make no sense to move them to Halifax for one year and then put them back in Ottawa, the fans then in Halifax would be without a team for a few years if they get the CG and that wouldn't be good I don't think.

Hockey or not, they still played in a arena that was smaller than a regulation sized NHL arena.

what are you talking about? 15,000 is the regulation size.

Im talking about the old Corral in Calgary which had a capcaity of 6000 or so, and Ottawa Civic Centre had a capacity of about 5000.


Civic Centre's capacity is 9,500.

There is no overwhelming reasion for the CFL to go out East (wherever) before putting team back in Ottawa for a whole host of reasons. Least of which is fact that they have talked about CFL expansion to Maritimes for 30+ years and nothing has ever happened.

Owner + Stadium. Get those two in place then you can start on the issues to determine viability.

Yes, while b oth Flames and Senators played in smaller rinks at first, CFL is afr more gate-driven. A new franchise --- hell an existing one --- usually loses money. With a new team, those costs are going to be that much higher. If they play out of an 11,000 seat stadium --- which is all they can manage at St. Mary's, that team will bleed even more money.

CFL won't go in there until/if new stadium is a done deal and shovels start going into the ground.

Ok, my mistake, but the point I was trying to make to KK was playing in a stadium that is not to CFL or NHL standard can be done, as long as there are plans to build a new arena/stadium.

Yep. That's been the (rough) capacity of the building since it opened 30 yrs ago. But at least Sens fans didn't have to wait as long before they got their new rink as Flames did.

BTW: I live in Ottawa and also went once to a concert at Corral. Major difference is that Civic Centre isn't as old and was built specifically for junior hockey (they used to have lots of concerts too) but it is underneath North grandstand of football stadium. It's a weird little setup.

As much as I'd love that Sambo, it would work. dont you need 20k just to break even?

And DG, Halifax isn't a shoe in to win the 2014 games, as much as I'd like that. Its actually pretty close with Halifax and Glasgow. Nigeria is pretty much out though.

But there have been plenty of people/copanies that have expressed interest in buying a team. No one wants to build the stadium though.

That's kewl ... I noticed when watching the Memorial Cup .... that an 'Irving' owns the Wildcats .... is he from the $$$ Irving family

thnx sportyguy

Yes, Robert is part of that Irving family. But owing a junior hockey team is a lot less expensive to run than a CFL team.

Irvings and a few select few millionaires of region have always been talked about as potential CFL owners. Trouble is, they’ve never said diddly about being interested.

But a few have.