Halifax, Nova Scotia, Atlantic or East Coast?

If there was a team in Halifax what should it be named after? Halifax, Nova Scotia, Atlantic or East Coast?

I know people are talking about this on the "Halifax Name" thread, but I started this one so I could put on a new poll.

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Do you have any Idea how many times this poll has been done, or suggestions for names

Thats for names like schooners and stuff. This is for place names.

Atlantic, that the name that the failed expansion team of the 1980's were going to take, that is the name they should take now, untill another maritime province team can be created, if ever.

if there isnt another maritime team i say we should name it east coast but right now im sticking with atlantic

In no other part of the country would this be an issue. If Toronto got an NFL team it wouldn't be called Ontario or Canada. Why this is an issue with Halifax is beyond me. For the hundredth time, Halifax or Nova Scotia is fine. Any name that cannot be pinpointed on a map is not fine.

Thats a good way of explaining it. I agree 110%.

i voted for halifax....huskees.

everyone in the Atlantic provinces needs to be involved, not just Halifax.

Case in point: New England Patriots

But people come from all over Nova Scotia to watch the Moosheads, a major junoir team (with the exception of Cape Breton because they have the Screaming Eagles). If they like the CFL they’ll come because its close. No matter what its called. They’d just want to watch football.

its like the bombers 25% of the fans are from rural communities they dont care as long ther is football

I think this question needs to be decided at the same time as the name,some name will work better with some location names then others

The "East Coast Anything" is too wordy, and way too general ... like you said, you can't pinpoint it on a map. "Nova Scotia Anything" is not much better, but at least it's a defined place ...


DG, you can't use the Huskies name. We already have the St.Mary's University Huskies football team. :roll:

u all are traitors to the east coast!
if Halifax win's the commonwealth games, then it should be named after Halifax, since they proved to the rest of Canada/ and the world, that were serious, and were growing, and were the best in the Maritimes!

I told him that already but he really likes the name.


such it's the 2014 20th Commonweath Games in Halifax, NS, BUT THE FOOTBALL TEAM SHOULD BE THE ATLANTIC SCHOONERS!!!!



BTW, I hate the West Coast Egeals (sp? the band) of the AFL/VFL. naming the team the East Coast Schooners is just gonna bring up issues with me, so NO!

WAKAA WAKAA? Do you watch the Ellen Degeneres show?

Any way, Calling it Halifax or Nova Scotia isn't going to take away from the fan base. If people are going to come all the way from Moncton then they must be dedicated and a true CFL fan. Which means they'll just come to see a good football game.

I'm sure whatever they end up being called, Kanga will just call them what he THINKS they SHOULD be called, just to confuse us all.

Something like his AP and his red and gold Renegades.