Halifax name

I know DG started one already but I sometimes like to look on the polls to see people's thoughts quicker. These are all kinds of names I have heard mentioned. Its a pretty big list. If you can think of one thats not there name it here please.

Halifax Schooners!

Are you kidding me? 2 votes for the Ruff Riders? Kanga...is that you stacking the poll?

I dont know. It got mentioned so I put it there. I thought it would only get 1 vote.

I just realized, In the AHL there is 2 teams called the Admirals. Milwaukee, and Norfolk. Another league with 2 teams that have the same name!

How about Halifax Surf!


Good one Fog!

the problem is that they would need a unique name... Not a name that lots of ppl choose for there team for example (dragons)

the problem is that they would need a unique name... Not a name that lots of ppl choose for there team for example (dragons)

I always liked the name Nova Scotia Duck Tollers, (after the provincial dog), as the team name for Halifax.

Yeah, that's ****** up, you can't even tell the difference, At least in the CFL you had the Roughriders and the Rough Riders. AHL sucks for that! :twisted:



I voted storm but thunder could be good too

I really hope they don't go with "Storm", "Wave", "Thunder" or anything like that ... good enough for the AFL or NFLE, maybe, but not the CFL in my opinion. They can come up with something better than those ...

My vote is for Admirals, although Mariners would be good too - if there wasn't a baseball team in Seattle called as such ...

PS: Why do you never hear complaints about the AHL having two teams named the same?!? And I bet you anything that they weren't two completely separate teams that happened to become combined into the same league, as the Roughriders and Rough Riders were!


Schooners is good. Especially the beer. Has anyone tried a Schooner?
Much better than the chemical stuff from Labatts or Molson.
Rates right up there with Big Rock and Vancouver Island Brewery.

Excellent name and they can use the corporate advertising.

Schooner beer is good..better than the highly toxic chemical beer(blue)?..no
As a CFL team name, Beware the Schooners are a comming, and there sail is full of wind.
Doesn't work for me..But the Huskies are comming at you.. like a pack of crazed dogs , sounds much tougher..

As a history buf, Schooners or Admirals sound the best to me, a good way to acknowledge the regions long and storied link to the sea.

I'd avoid any "Arena Sounding" names if at all possible!

I kinda like Surf and Fog....but what would be the logo for "fog"? Just wondering...

Sruf would be the old Boston Breakers logo from the USFL, hey Geo? Remember that gem?

LOVE that beer!