Halifax Mayor Starting To Get On Board For HRM Stadium

So it seems perhaps the mayor of Halifax has realized this stadium issue needs to be addressed. He has posted 2 comments on his Facebook page today.


This seems to be a step in the right direction, really the first peep from him on this issue. Now is the time that the people of HRM and the surrounding areas must let their voices be heard.

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A Stadium for HRM is long, long over due!!

good sign, i guess.

Too little and way to late.

It’s a little like closing the barn door after the horses have bolted, but I suppose a little competition between Moncton and HRM can’t be bad. Who knows, maybe one day it will result in two CFL franchises in the maritimes.

Good idea, take the 57 million the city was going to spend on a NEW trade center get a matching contribution from the province and feds and you have 160 million dollars, expropriate the slums at Shannon Park and put the stadium right by the Mckay bridge.

Not a chance. The area is too small and doesn't have enough of a corporate base to support two teams.

I said "one day" not next year, or even five years from now. It could be fifty years from now.

They wouldn't necessarily need to involve the feds. A CFL-calibre stadium could probably be built for $114 million.

$50 million after corner cutting, bench seats, port-a-potties, and chip waggons for vendor booths. If you're going to do something, why not do it half way?

Hey, chip wagons have great food compared to the crap normally served in stadiums in Canada. Let's not knock it. Especially if they get the kettle corn guy and the waffle cart in!


BMO Field, which opened in April 2007, cost $63 million to build and seats just over 20,000.

For about $15 million, an upper deck could be built on the east side of the stadium and more rows of seats put at the south end adding 8,000, he said.

there you have it.
28,000 seat stadium for about $78 million.

why is this not being discussed in Halifax?

Agreed. You build it properly the first go-around rather than painting yourself into a corner by building something on the cheap that is deemed obsolete/unsuitable after a few years

Our Man Carlo could install some of the concessions! And a composter! All by himself!

That should save some money :rockin:

Are you two trying to say that Moncton's new stadium was a waste of money?


Seriously though, you could do a Maritime stadium with things like various snackmobiles for concessions instead of building stuff in the stadium. I mean they probably won't, but there's nothing wrong with that. We're pretty laid back out here and just want our football. :slight_smile:

The stadium for the Commonwealth Games bid had a final cost of $121 million, and that was for 25000 permanent seats along the sidelines with another 25000 temporary seats in the endzones. This was only 3 years ago.

Not at all Tommy. I haven't seen that stadium so I can't fairly comment on it, but the dynamic little city of Moncton has done something that no other Maritime city has done, and for that it deserves praise. It even got them a CFL game and a semi-regular bowl game!

We're just saying that when the time comes to build a CFL-size stadium that it needs to be done right and not half way with makeshift facilities. This does NOT mean it has to be a ridiculous Texas-style palace.

To this, I shall drink !

Well, I hate to see someone drink alone! :wink:

May I offer you a Bruichladdich?

I thinks that's scotch, but I'm not sure. In any case I'll join in a round, but make mine rye :lol: