Halifax Mayor Requests Stadium Funding

Its an old tactic out here. You stick your hand out, you grab the federal dollars and then you don’t put in your share and spend the fed’s money…Mid-nineties they got huge money from the infrastructure program for the purpose of bulding sewage treatement plants. 2009 and none have been built but Hfx got the money :slight_smile:

Hf, just curious, if the sewage treatment plants didn’t get built and I guess there must be a need if Halifax was able to sell the idea to the feds, what exactly is a happen to all that poop? Yikes! :lol:

HfxTC, do you still live here, or did you move away? The Halifax treatment plant came online in the summer. (Of course the plant is currently broken) The Dartmouth plant comes online soon, maybe in the spring. There are lifeguards at Point Pleasant for the first time in 40 years. The mayor even went for a dip. I would still err on the side of caution, and if I even stepped in the harbour would probably toss my shoes and walk home barefoot.

This can be said about any city, if there is a "power broker" or a rich potential owner like Mr. Asper in Winnipeg and the Hunt group in Ottawa, that was heading the group and together with willing politicians then there is a chance.
But it appears Halifax has neither; the rich owner who wants to get involved and be an owner in the CFL and the political will to be part of the funding group.
It's the old combination, one third money by the owner, one third by the local municipal and the remaining third by the combination provincial and federal coffers.
That my friends is lacking big time in the left leaning Halifax and we can say about all potential cities.

$65M is far too little for a respectable stadium with growth potential for the future and long term use. Presumably, the federal dough would be used to seed a much larger and more costly project. Something like $150-$200M would be more like it.

Lucky that we are in a recession and make work projects are great for the economy!