Halifax joins CFL

I am looking forward to having Halifax join League play next year!.
Is any one else out there?.

Quebec city is my first choise but getting 10 teams is what really counts.

I dont think it will be next year though

Don’t worry guys it will all equal out at the end of the 2006 season when the 'Gades pack there bags & winnipeg comes back in the East :wink:

No I won't be happy with this. This will get rid of the two 3-game series that a team plays. This year we play BC and Winnipeg the three times. With a new team it will be 2 games all. I like things as they are because each year it mixes up the schdeule and makes the season serieses more exciting here out west. Hopefully next year we get Edmonton and Calgary three times! Come on CFL schedulers!!!

And they would play in what stadium.....

I'd rather that west teams play east teams once only (like before ~1982).

This way, there'd be 3 - 4 games against divisional opponents.

It would also reduce the likelihood of the crossover.

I work at Casino Regina and i was talking to a gambler who was at the HALIFAX Preseason game. He told me that there is no way a Football Club can last in Halifax. I have to agree with him, but only because thats whats probable not because that is what I hope for. I truly Hope they can survive in HALIFAX. I always thought the idea of having a MARITIMES team would be great. They would be in 3 different provinces and split thier homes games. This way the Crowds would only get two home games a year but would have different blackout rules (maybe). I think it would help create excitment for your team to come play.

And to whoever that was that said "where" would they play? They have football stadiums in the east, relax.

There are none that are CFL size. The quickest bet is to add temporary seating to Huskies Stadium, but I'm not sure how much room there is to do so.

I, too, would love to see a 10 or 11 team league; however, unless there is a significant investment by one of these provincial governments, I don't see it happening.

Further, it will dilute any league-wide income. Maybe they should wait until the new TV contract. With a team in the Maritimes, it may bring additional viewers from that region who presently do not watch.

City | Stadium (Capacity)
Halifax, NS | Huskies Stadium (9,000)
Wolfville, NS | Raymond Field (3,000)
Sackville, NB | McAuley Field (2,500)
Quebed, QC | PEPS Stadium (18,500)


[url=http://www.worldstadiums.com/north_america/countries/canada.shtml]http://www.worldstadiums.com/north_amer ... nada.shtml[/url]

Who says they would play in all three provinces

I would also love to see the Maritimes get any kind of pro sport. But I have to say that the only city realistically that could support a CFL team is Quebec City. They have the population, plus you would get that whole "The True French Quebec Team" thing. Like the Nordiques were. I realize they moved, but an NHL team is more expensive than a CFL team.

i was the one thinking it would be cool to have them split the home games to three different cities. it would be a maritimes team. unlike any other pro sports team. nothing wrong with playing in the stadium they used for preseason in halifax. they added seats it looked fine by me

Not another team in Quebec it will not work they don't have the fan support. And you Montreal fans don't tell me Montreal sells out every game well ya not hard to fill 20,0000 Stadium. Montreal fans are famous for not showing up when the team is doing bad. Go east that is where it will only work. And the east coast deserves it not Quebec.

I don't know if you are stuipid or just ignorant or just racist!
Quebec City gets 19,300 for University football in a stadium that seats about 9000 (by far the most in the Country and more than the Renegades sometimes get), they have a bigger population than Winnipeg, Hamilton, Saskatchewan.
As for Montreal they hold the CFL record for 4 of the 5 biggest crowds in CFL history including 69000 in 1977.
The habs lead the NHL in attendance every year, the Alouettes have sold out over 60 straight games at Molson and have over 50,000 for regular season games and playoff games the last few years at the Big O.
The Impact soccer team leads the league in Attendance by far.
Over 300,000 go to the F1 race every year.
In other words Montreal is the best sports city in Canada buddy!
And losing the Expos or the Als had nothing to do with lack of fan support, it had everything to do with terrible ownership for the Als and the Expos and I'll admit almost no help from the local Governments for the Expos.
If you want the team in the Maritimes fine, but you don't need to put down Quebec to get it.
By the way Montreal 38 Saskatchewan 34 :lol:

Have a nice day :wink:

No I'm neither I'm just telling you the way it is. I'm a big Habs fan but we are not talking hockey. As for saying they have the record for most fans back in the 70's yes thats the 70's look at the attendence in the C.F.L back then thats when the Canadian game was the ellite league. But for how many years when the Al's sucked did the fans stay home. Quebec can't and will not support another team, they are lucky the Als are even back in the league. They could not even get close to filling up the Olympic Stadium so they moved to a college Stadium with small crowds, pretty sad considering Milions live there. What does Regina have? just over 200,000 and they fill Taylor Field. C.F.L has to move to the east coast and sorry not in your Province. You guys just worry about getting those dumb liberals out of power. C.F.L will be strong in the Maritimes.

CFL is not CIS Football...prices are higher for one, and will the QC City people be "ready" for a CFL team....

Peps is NOT "set" for more 20000....

Sorry MAritimes needs a team 1st, not Qc City....anyway, if "Mairesse" Boucher gets elected in November, QC City you can kiss your CFL dreams goodbye !

You're not worth it, I'm sick of defending my city against ignorant outsiders, and waste my time explaining myself to halfwits!

He has a good point about the Liberals though...

What and you think Harper and the Conservatives are better????????

That guy and his policies are creepy! :shock:

Out here in the west we'll never understand that eastern mentality of letting fear control you...

It's policies, opinions and public image of the leader that matters more than fear.
And there is a different mentality usually between cities of 3.5 million and cities of 200000 as well as East and West.