Halifax is safer bet for CFL franchise, analyst says

Halifax may be the safest bet for a Canadian Football League expansion franchise because of its larger population and business community, according to a marketing expert.

Mark Cohon, the CFL commissioner, said this week in Regina the league is open to eastern expansion. During an interview in Regina, the commissioner pointed directly to Halifax, Moncton and Quebec City as potential markets.

Andre Richelieu, a professor in sports marketing at Laval University in Quebec, said he isn't sure Moncton could support a full-time team.

Even though that stadium cost $20 million, the CFL commissioner said the Moncton stadium would likely need $100 million in upgrades so it could meet the league’s standards.

Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc said he realizes it would cost a lot of money to upgrade the stadium if the city becomes a permanent home to a CFL team.

“It will require investment from people and businesses in order to make it a reality so that is still a bit of a way down the road before we ever get to consideration of that,? he said.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/story/2013/03/01/nb-moncton-cfl-future-155.html]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-bruns ... e-155.html[/url]

yeah I read that study when it first came out , I agree ,Halifax has a bigger population and corporate community , but the city and province are desireless to do anything as far as a stadium goes , I don't even think they have the desire to approach the feds (even with McKay as a backer) to help out. Halifax has fumbled opportunities in the past to have a stadium built , unless the thinking changes I can't see anything happening.

Moncton on the other hand seems to be quite progressive and are at least keeping an open mind on expanding their stadium if the proper funding was in place . I see they are holding some of the games for the womens soccer championships in 2015 --another feather in their cap and it once again shows their desire to move forward.

The league is as strong as it has ever been, hopefully Halifax takes a serious look at building a stadium now.

I think Halifax would be a great spot for the CFL. I hope their city fathers
push the idea to it's voters and plan on entering the league.
Moncton's population is small and it is argued that people from far
and wide would make the journey to games there to support a team.
I have doubts that this idea would last.

Hamilton and Toronto are both losing money and struggling. Why would Halifax take a serous look at building a stadium to house a CFL team that only plays 9 games a year, when the two cities in the biggest market in Canada are struggling?

But if an OWNERSHIP GROUP came forward and said to the city of Halifax "we have done research and we think that a CFL team playing 9 games a year plus a pro-soccer team playing 20 home games a year can be succesful and here is our business plan and this is how it can benefit the city and here is proof that we have football and soccer fans" then maybe there could be a chance.

They have to prove to the city that it makes business sense. The City of Halifax just doesn't decide they are going to decide to get into the CFL business and build a stadium and try to attract a team, that's not how it works.
Look what OSEG did in Ottawa, there was no way that the city of Ottawa would have looked at a CFL team unless the OSEG group came up with their proposal. OSEG proved that if the city re-built the stadium not only for football but a pro-soccer team too and that the city would make money on the deal and it would cost them nothing to run the stadium.
In Hamilton, it was the Pan Am Games and the Ticats coming up with a plan to pay the city a minimum of $1.5 Million a year for 30 years.

[b]mikem wrote: Hamilton and Toronto are both losing money and struggling.[/b]
not any more.

Mark Cohon said all teams will now be profitable with the new TV deal.

No matter what Mr. Cohen says there will always be those on here who choose to put down the CFL because it doesn't have enough of this or that.

I wouldn't expect a 10th francise for at least another 5 years for 2 reasons; it would take at least that much time to get a stadium approved and built, and any new team would probably have to wait until the TV contract is renewed again (after 5 years) as the other teams wouldn't want to have to split their new higher TV revenue with a 10th team (the 9th team, Ottawa was factored in with this new contract starting in '14). As there are no ownership groups coming forward to pay for a 10th team and new stadium, it realistically may be more like 10 years away before we see any expansion. Maybe by that time, either Halifax or Moncoton would be ready to get a new stadium built (I personally don't think it would be worth the estimated $100 M to upgrade the current track and field stadium in Moncton, the money would be better spent to do a football/soccer specific stadium, assuming they get a francise).

Yes Neuman but there are those such as myself that put down a league like MLB because it doesn't have enough of this or that, different this or that's from the CFL but this and that's just the same. :wink:

You gots that !! people criticizing, putting people down for their opinion, finding faults where there is none based on their perception, even bullying. It's very Sad how negative people are on these forums :thdn:

Is this thread suggesting Halifax instead of Ottawa or in addition to?

I guess most of us are guilty of living in our own world, naturally. Take me for example. Sure, I'd love someone like seymour to just agree with me on my thoughts on the import/non-import ratio and I'm sure he'd love me to agree with his perspective, and the discussions get heated and some fireworks happen. We aren't all the same, we have different thoughts, we express ourselves differently, some better than others, I'm no English major that's for sure, etc. We simply are different. And frustration is part of the human condition as well. How many times have you heard a fan of say a team, "major" or "minor" or "whatever" league team say they are fed up with their team, how they are playing, they aren't worth watching any more ...? Lots of times.

One of the key aspects I believe is that many people prefer sameness, homogeneity. Being unique isn't all that praised in this world by employers, businesses and people. People hang around a group of people they call friends because generally speaking, the friends have similar tastes and desires.

The CFL is a very unique league in many aspects, it's a different kettle of fish compared with what we usually regard as the norm in pro sports with the "big" leagues that get most of the attention and glory. It takes a bit more effort to enjoy a league that is under the radar and operates differently. Well worth the effort though I believe. We all need to have patience and respect and learn this more, myself included absolutely. It's tough though, that I will admit.

longtime, Halifax in addition to Ottawa I believe.

Going broke in the CFL is nothing new, some teams have been going broke for a hundred years. :wink:

Very unique? VERY unique?????!!!! Unique is unique. You can't be somewhat unique or very unique. You either ARE unique or not. Everybody MUST agree with this truth. :wink:

Let's quickly review.
Moncton has a small stadium, while Halifax has butkus and recently took off the table any plan to build.
Here is the most important one and which I observed for myself, Moncton has the political and citizen will and want the CFL while again the left leaning tree hugging people of Halifax are basically anti sport.
Good riddance Halifax, hello Moncton.

Mark, let me rephrase, for the average joe blow out there who can only identify with the "bigs" in the NFL, MLB etc. the CFL is very unique. To people like you and me, it's not unique at all. That's what I'm trying to say.

If the Halifax people can't get that sport and culture, and music of any genre and tree huggers can all be the same people, well, what can I say? That's to their demise really if it's possible to get a stadium built and have a CFL team that could really benefit the community and bring together those that see separateness with sport, culture, art etc. Some people prefer to see their main longing in silos, many of us are able to move between silos and see the interconnectness of them all.

Agree with you Earl. I just hope that people catch the wink sign.

Moncton or Halifax as long as they learn from the past attempt at a Maritime CFL team,remember the Atlantic Schooners?

Both cities have had problems in the recent past,a concert promoter in Halifax lost his shirt a couple of years ago while in Moncton there is not a clear picture of how much it is actually costing the city,some of the members of the city council are looking for business owners pay the city a percentage of what they make from people going to the football game to off set the cost to the city.

I love the CFL BEST FOOTBALL IN THE WORLD! A team here would be nice but it has to have the proper owner and stadium.

The first team, be it Moncton, Halifax or Quebec City to have a stadium built and an ownership plan(be it public or private) will likely get a team.

Moncton does have a lower population but they are also central, so they just need to take a play out of the Riders playbook and draw from the entire maritimes.

Yes Toronto and Hamilton Struggle, but the Riders have annual revenues in excess of 30M!! (make that 33M with the new TV deal)
The Bombers with the new stadium this year will be right up there with the Riders, very possibly surpassing them in annual revenue.
The Riders make about double in revenues a year the past several years what the Argos and Ti-cats have combined(taking the 2012 grey cup out of the equation of course)
It would definitely be nice if team 10 can get the wheels in motion so that they can start play either in 2018 or 2019(last year of the current TSN deal or first year of the next TV deal) and I'd expect that's now... say top 3 priority for the commish very possibly number 2(after southern Ontario).
Although top current issues are:
-Ottawa's return(making sure it goes smoothly)
-a CFL video game(Cohon mention this in most his public addresses)
-a 10th team
-Southern Ontario(including both: now or soon a new home for the Argos(Blue Jays are rumoured to be looking at natural grass meaning they get kicked out looking at 2016-17 here), Hamilton stadium/move, increase the fan base

IMO 2014 with the Ti-Cats and new Ottawa franchise will lay the ground work for the new Argo stadium and a 10th franchise as they will be putting out a blue print on how to build a successful stadium out east(capacity ~24K)(based of the Als success, but a ground up rebuilt basically new stadium instead of McGill's multi-facelifts).
While 2013 the Bombers are showing how to build a successful stadium out West(~33.4K seats)

With the advent of profitability, hopefully this will spur stadium interest in a QC and the maritimes.