Halifax Hornets

Made them up as the Halifax Expansion team, I was bored ok lol...

Some quick photoshopping and whola!

Gades back in 08 and then the Hornets Expansion makes 10!!

Comments are welcome :smiley:

Has anyone figured out how many threads we have had on naming a non-existent team in Halifax?

This has been a long off-season.

the jersey looks like a cincinnati bengals jersey,and about the name I don't like that much it has to be more creative

i dont know why its not all in one thread...

any guy with a name suggestion seems to make thier own thread :roll:

...then London makes 11 :slight_smile:

Sorry, couldn't resist... and Highlanders is a better name for Halifax.

Hmmm, Jersey I like, Logo needs some work. Name.... hmmmmm I'll sleep on it.

Suprise another name the Halifax team thread! Good art work though. :lol:

Pokemon!! haha.

I'm all for the highlanders or Schooners.

Atlantic sounds better then Halifax, the team should want to be like Saskatchewan(Regina) and Draw from the entire area.

there are something like 2M people in the Maritimes, so having the name either: the Maritime Storm/Thunder or Atlantic Schooners.

Names can change from that of course.
Maritime Highlanders.. doesn't roll Atlantic Highlanders again no Roll.

The only way that "Highlanders" would work in the CFL (probably), is if they built the stadium in Sydney, Nova Scotia and call them the "Cape Breton Highlanders" insert standardized groan here

haha, that isn't going to happen unless they somehow expect alot of people coming to games to be coming by Water.

Halifax or somewhere closer to the NovaScotia, New Brunswick Border would be the places to get the team, that isn't going to happen, unless some Rich guy steps up to finance 50% of the Stadium and requires that to be his Location.

Atlantic Drifters :stuck_out_tongue:

Do they have a lot hornets on the east coast, not something that I usually associate with lobsters but what the heck.

Not to sidetrack things here but have has anyone ever mentioned the possibility of an all First Nation team ?

My thoughts exactly ... even I'm getting a bit fed up with all the Halifax threads ...

I know. Its starting to annoy me

You mean owned by First-nation or all First Nations players or Playing off a Reserve?

well I would say the problems there are population and money.
There are some very well of First Nations but their priorities I would think aren't to get a CFL team or build a CFL stadium on a Reserve, when I don't think any Reserve has 100K, CFL Cities need ATLEAST 300K+ with many small Cities near by to add the within 100 KM pop to 500K+

Naming issues to, Even if it was owned by first nations if someone saw a name that had anything to do with First Nations they'd Assume Rascism, Most likely. and again $$, Stadium and Pop Issues.

Goal is 10 teams with one more in Ottawa and Halifax right now.

After that The league may look at going to 12, but that won't be for another 10 years atleast(giving 3-5 years of Stability at 10)
Then Quebec/London/Windsor need to step up followed by Saskatoon as 12.
Unless someone knows of a better Western Canada City, Other Then Saskatoon there are only.. Sudbury and Thunder Bay(not really Western, but close enough)
Victoria wouldn't really work IMO.

But REMEMBER, 10 teams first then move on.
Ottawa, Halifax.
Going by Cohon and Tom Wright that is the Initial Order of expansion. Then move on.

While I know you meant well pigseye I'm afraid any further segregation in Canada's sports teams would send the wrong message to our country. All people are created equal or so we proclaim so I think if you've got the talent to crack a CIS team i should hope in this day and age racial background doesn't matter. I do think that underprivileged First Nations kids should have improved access to sports gear to offset the cost should the kid decide to pursue playing Football at their school as should all kids whose parents don't have much money really. Reserve schools playing in conferences with non-reserve schools would be fine I can only assume if they are even big enough of field a team. What happened in my hometown was they bused the reserve kids who wanted to play over to our HS team and it worked out well.

Halifax Explosion


Here You Go! All the Halifax Names you could ever imagine

  1. Halifax Lost at Sea
  2. Halifax Seamen Struggle
  3. Halifax Furlers
  4. Halifax Sinking Ship
  5. Halifax False Alarm
  6. Halifax $5 Schooners all night.
  7. Halifax Hold the Facts
  8. Halifax Hypothermia
  9. Halifax Low Tide
  10. Halifax Dingys
  11. Halifax Treading Water
  12. Halifax Hopefulls
  13. Halifax Hardly
  14. Halifax Hilarious
  15. Halifax Cannot believe they finally got a team!!!!!!!
  1. Halifax Will Never Get A team!

I honestly think Moncton will get the rights to the CFL Atlantic team befor Halifax.
Because they are getting a new stadium that even though it is on the small side, it will have expandle and will have CFL regulation feild.
Where as Halifax will have to start from scratch.

Think about it, what is easier. Expanding a already existing regulation CFL feild/Stadium or building a new stadium from scratch without any coming games or funding to help them.

I am sorry but there will be no CFL in Halifax unless Mocton lets Halifax host the exhibition games.

Debate that.