Halifax hits the jackpot! New Stadium/franchise soon?

Halifax shipyard won a $25-billion contract to build new naval ships...Time to get a CFL Stadium/franchise in there..


Earlier this year, Dexter ramped up expectations for Halifax’s bid, calling a possible win the biggest industrial opportunity for the province since Confederation. He also said it would be the equivalent of hosting the Olympics each year for 30 years as he launched the massive public relations campaign.

Ellen Farrell, a management professor at Saint Mary’s University, said Dexter was not overstating the case.

“This is one of the largest shipbuilding contracts ever awarded in the world,? she said. “So we can expect that it would have very far-reaching effects.?

Wow, that is a nice boost indeed!

...indeed...indeed a windfall....Let's hope it translates into a new football stadium....May be a stretch right now but it certainly looks better down the road....Here's hoping :thup:

These ship building contracts (the smaller one went to a B.C. shipyard) will have far-reaching effects all across the country. Lets just hope the good people of Nova Scotia use the cash injection wisely over the next 30 years.

It's a great contract and will create jobs but its over 20 to 30 years. works out to about a billion a year for Irving. Maybe the mayor of halifax should make a push on Irving :smiley: Since the province subsidized the upgrades to the shipyard and financed Irving's bid. But we all know how that works...

Hopefully this contract will provide the spark needed to finally get a suitable CFL calibre stadium built in Halifax. If anything it should put a lot more disposible income into the pockets of potential fans.

The contract will bring in some stable jobs and taxes, but the real barrier is still lack of an owner. Find someone with money who wants to own a team in Halifax, and the stadium effort will pick up steam in a hurry.

Always said that, even the province said it. You don't build a 150 million dollar building without a tennant. Especialy not an outdoor one. If they had an owner for a football team and one for a soccer team. There would be massive support. But facing massive deficits (so taxe hikes coming). They are just spinning their wheels, or they will endup building a High School type stadium to take back the CIS championship games from Moncton and claim victory.

Of course.
A competent financially stable owner is the impetus for any franchise to get off the ground floor.

At least the economical fortunes of those living in, and around, the Halifax area will incur an aggregate and exponential boost in disposable incomes for many years to come, thus a more attractive proposition for potential proprietors.

If Halifax is serious about getting a team, maybe they should think about community ownership (ie, get the ball rolling on their own). If a wealthy businessman (or group) comes along later and makes a decent offer to buy the team, then sell. If they sit around and wait for a private owner to step up and put a team in their city, they could be waiting for a long time.

That may be a wise idea..

And I suspect a Halifax team would be a financial success, thereby negating any reason for the municipality to sell.

To my knowledge Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg all have made tidy profits in recent years as community owned franchises.

I think community owned teams in the CFL is the future for all teams in the league. Not what the commish wants to hear though perhaps.

In my opinion, future expansion in the CFL depends hugely on the next TV deal.
If Cohon gets the league the money it deserves then it will attract investors for franchises.

Thats how the MLS found buyers for teams in CAnada.
With the chance for a big US TV deal.
Which I doubt they'll ever get by the way.

Right now teams get roughly 1.5 million each from TV.
If Cohon get get them 3 to 5 million each per year, you will see people lining up for franchises.
And more teams in the future means more TV money in the future.

But if Cohon can't get anymore what TSN is paying right now.
I think you can forget about expansion.
And in my opinin Cohon should be given the boot.

But unlike Tom Wright this guys is a good businessman.
And he will squeeze all he can out of this deal.

Why would Cohon care if a team was community owned or not? :?

Even a communal property will have to pay a franchise fee, as it is still a business not a charitable org.

If the league gets the TV deal it deserves you won't have to worry about community owned expansion teams.
Because investors will come forth if there's a buck to be made.
You could see three or four expansion teams in the next ten years.

If the league doens't get the TV money, you might get Quebec City along with Ottawa.
But even that would be a longshot.
It all depends on what Cohon can do.

Some good points benji.

The present and future for pro sports lies not in stadium attendance, but broadcasting, including television, net and more than ever mobile.

Harold Ballard had the forsight (yes, Harold Ballard) tmany years ago (80's) when he was TiCat owner, to state similar sentiments.
At the time, he opined that smaller stadiums were the way to go, and to concentrate fervently on the TV deal/ratings model in leui of a gate driven model, and he was correct.

IMO, If the league can expand the number of franchises, hence additional broadcast games, the league will grow and progress.
The NHL, which draws flies in the U.S. has quite a good deal in spite of U.S. viewership and part of this is due to the surplus amount of games available.

TSN/CBC/RDS/NFL Network will likely increase stipends for additional games as the CFL receives great TV/web numbers ensuring commercial interest.
IMO, a couple more teams in Canada and a few (4?) in NFL-Free border cities will aid the league in securing a prominent broadcast deal in the future as well as heighten fan interest and participation.

An 8 team league is holding the CFL back.

I would love to see a twelve team league.
Like you say, TV moeny is the key.
Would be great if Cohon announced a bit new TV deal with several networks involved.
And at the same time he announces two new expansion franchises in Halifax and Quebec city.
Along with Ottawa.

Like you say though.
8 teams is not enough.
Time to expand the brand.
Enough of this league always being in a life and death struggle.

true, although I don't believe Cohon/CFL care where the franchise $$$ comes from, be it community based or private sector.

Everybody wins if franchises are added to the league if operated properly.

Hopefully Halifax can get its act together.

I agree with benji in saying that the new tv deal and new sponsorship deals will have a lot to do with whether or not investors in markets such as Halifax, Quebec City, Moncton, ect step up to the plate. On the topic of community owned teams, Cohon has already stated that it is a possibility in Atlantic Canada. So I don't think the league would have any issue. Especially considering its strongest team(s) have always been community owned.