Halifax game next summer?

Probably should - don't know what field but temporary stands are available with League involvement.

If it happens again hopefully team logo anduniform is out. One of the teams to use these for this one game? Roll the uniforms out at this game or have just have the team come out with the uniform on? National TV? Lots of coverage no doubt.

League showcases the teams and game with tailgating,food, cheer teams. salted 50/50 draw for youth football, Usports, High School teams. Use the opportunity for the flag football CFL involvement. It just looks like an event made for Hollywood.

Are you saying Halifax IS hosting a CFL game next summer, or are you suggesting they do?


Would love to see this happening, along with the ideas and information you suggest rolled out simultaneously. The opportunity is there........

Not going to happen, there is absolutely nowhere to hold a game.

What about St. Mary's?

I thought that even some of their stands were condemned a few years back.

They’ve patched it up but you would be hard pressed to get more than 7000 in there and it would not be putting your best foot forward. End up overcharging people like they did the last time in Moncton. It would serve no purpose.