Halifax Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games are key to halifax getting a stadium that can be used for football.

This news story gives some budget figures. They are asking for more money from the feds than what the Vancouver games are asking.

I realize that that Vancouver is not building a stadium, but I got to think it will be a hard sell.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/canada/nova-scotia/story/2007/02/14/games-ottawa.html]http://www.cbc.ca/canada/nova-scotia/st ... ttawa.html[/url]

I'm actually feeling a bit pessimistic about Halifax winning the games, namely, by beating out Abuja. It already has a nice stadium and athlete's village, and their plans are to improve the airport and add an LRT system. But here's the real reason it's going to be tough to beat Abuja. The games have never been hosted in Africa, and the world seems to be in a state of feeling sorry for Africa. South Africa lost the chance to host the 2006 World Cup by 1 vote, but they are hosting the 2010 World Cup. Africa has never hosted the Olympics. And (perhaps least encouraging of all), a large chunk of the Commonwealth (by my count, at least 16 out of 53, which is likely more than any other continent) is from Africa. And apparently, Australia is backing Abuja, too. It gets worse. Canada has hosted the Commonwealth games 4 times (same as Australia); only the UK has hosted more (with 5).
Throw in that Halifax is asking for more money than Vancouver, and I'm really worried that they won't get the bid, meaning they won't get the stadium, meaning they won't get the CFL team ... I can guarantee you that the commonwealth games will NOT give the games to Halifax in order to help the CFL.

I can guarantee you that the commonwealth games will NOT give the games to Halifax in order to help the CFL.

Unless the CFL gives the Commonwealth Games people some under-the-table money. I think this is how Hamilton lost out last time, India handed over some cash to the boys for their pockets, so to speak, from what I heard in the news.

Don't be so pesimistic folks. Halifax is considered by many to be the odds on favourite here. If Abuja wins these Games, I'd be shocked. Most people are saying its between Halifax and Glasgow. But, who knows?

After New Dehli won the 2010 Games from Hamilton, there was a feeling that 2014 would be Canada's turn to host the Friendly Games.

My bet is Halifax in 2014...and a South African city in 2018.

the reason why the commenwealth games arent in africa is the same reason why they never host the world cup in south america nowadays, security reasons, its not safe to host big worldwide events in unsafe crime filled developing countries. not to mention TV deals would be harder to come by on north american/european tv stations.

You are wrong, the World Cup has been held in South America FOUR times, Uraguay 1930, Brazil 1950 and Chile 1962, Argentina in 1978.

Mexico is not in South America, but it is not know for its law and order and its hosted the WC twice.

The Commonwealth games have been held in Jamacia and Malaysia. And the Olympics were held in LA a city known for its crime.

The fact is that Nigeria has been undergoing some major changes. I can see them getting votes in part as a means of encouraging continued progress.

So while I understand your support for the games in Halifax you just might want to get your fact in order before dissing another location!

You are wrong, the World Cup has been held in South America FOUR times, Uraguay 1930, Brazil 1950 and Chile 1962, Argentina in 1978.
no im aware of that, i meant in MODERN times, since the 70's security measures have increased drasticly, thats why its never held there anymore.

Not meaning to hijack here, but South America is on tap to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup, with Brazil rumoured to be the front runner in hosting the tournament finals.

Canada Lost out to several events recently(like Toronto's Olympics bid, Hamiltons Commonwealth bid) Halifax in some ways is due, Halifax also has the bonus of being a Ocean city so they will be able to draw alot of people with their Location. Boat, Sea or land all would be able to come to Halifax.

The problem with costs is they aren't building NOW. if they had started construction which would be bad if they lost then costs would stay relatively low but if they wait costs will continue to rise.

They can just start the Stadium right now, come on Feds show that your commited to the games and build a new commonwealth stadium out east.

1978 was the stone age? Everything was nice and quiet in South America in the 1970's????? Pleeeeze!

THe fact is that the last 10 - 15 years have been perhaps the calmest in South America in the past couple of hundred years! As another poster pointed out, we will likely see a WC in South America again very soon.

As for much of Africa, yes the infrastructure is an issue, which is one reason to actually hold the games there as it will increase infrastructure.

South Africa is a very modern place with some great sports facilities.

Hamilton lost the Commonwealth Games for Canada (and in doing so Halifax for the CFL) when the b**tch Sheila Copps used her considerable "weight" to steal a sure fire win for Halifax for the 2010 games, way too late in the process. Hamilton put in a sub-standard bid and had no chance of being able to build the necessary facilities in time and the organizers had no choice but to award the Games to Dehli.

There's a lot of things I'll never forgive that cow for, but as a CFL fan, Ill never forgive her for that one. Halifax would be in the CFL this year if it weren't for her!

I recall when Hamilton lost to India something came out in the media how a deal in the back rooms was apparently agreed to give India the 2010 and in turn Canada would win the 2014.

They basicly need to put the games in Halifax.

let’s see:
Australia had the games in 2006, India in 2010, Manchester in 2002. 1998 Malaysia.

20 years seems to be a long enough time for more games, especially considering Canada seems to do a good job. Africa in 2018, Halifax in 2014

I find it astounding the scope of the proposed spending for this two-week event. They plan to tear down apartments used by the Armed Forces personelle and build new accommodations for the athletes which include entertainment arcades and movie theatres!

I hope athletes from countries like Zimbabwe have a nice time in Halifax, but couldn't they just go to a movie downtown? Do we have to build them a new movie theatre just in case they want to catch a flick during their two-week visit??

The Whole point is to show of the City(province and Country too) as a First class, Top end Location and as the Side Bonus is it gives the City alot of infastructure(like Stadiums, top quality Training Areas for Athletes, as you mentioned new buildings like the apparetments) Lasting Land marks and Locations that are leaving lasting Benefits. It's a reason for the Government to spend on Long term infastructure or just for one City to get alot of things they need Done but can't get the funding for.

1978 was 29 years ago. in terms of stadia advancement, thats a really long time. the most important note was in 1978, soccer stadium structures were completely different in safety standards. since the 1989 hillsborough stadium disaster in sheffield england, soccer stadiums around the world upgraded safety standards unmeetable to any south american standards. as far as im aware almost all stadiums in south america still occupy terraces, which are illigal in almost every contintent for world events and professional sports. would you rather go to a sporting event in canada, in a safe enviroment, or go to nigeria and get robbed the first day your there, or possibly kidnapped or murdered? not to mention civil tensions in nigeria are completely unsafe, as many of those central african countries are on the brink of civil wars.

canada > nigeria.

You guys are biased. I'm not sure who's going to win. All three cities have strong points. BUt don't for a second bash Nigeria or Abuja.

too late! :lol:


As far as the tearing down of the old apartments. Being in the navy myself, I can tell you that they are so substandard and run down that when they were offered to house welfare families, the government said they were too horrible to do that. They will be torn down regardless of the commonwealth games. Secondly they are on the Dartmouth waterfront near the bridge to Halifax. That whole area needs change and here is the perfect opportunity to do so. The government therefore is on the hook for this area anyways.