Halifax Can't Afford To drop Ball on Stadium.


The reason for a stadium is clear and that is the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup. Canada is hosting the event and looking for cites to play games in. Halifax wants to hold a game or two or more and, to join the list, must have a stadium. Hence, the hurry to build one in this part of Atlantic Canada. Why they even have a committee called the Strategic Stadium Steering Committee.

"We’ve completed phase one of the deal, said committee vice chair Peter Spurway. “This sets up the kind of stadium and other parameters that are needed.”

"Things like size, and location will be discussed if Phase II is a go. Right now, we are looking at a stadium with 10-15,000 seating for the soccer matches but location and expansion seating are items to be dealt with," said Spurway.

To build a stadium for soccer only is hardly worth it. It must be done to have a CFL team and hold 25,000. If Halifax gets Women’s World Cup games but the stadium is not suitable for anything else, then it may be a white elephant if it only holds 10-15,000.

Halifax should look at what Moncton has done. They got funding for a 10,000-seat stadium to host an international track and field event and built it on land that made it possible for expansion to hold over 20,000 with temporary seating. As a result, the CFL played their first regular season game in a non-CFL city there last fall as Moncton hosted the Toronto Argonauts and Edmonton Eskimos. It was an overwhelming succes


Good info Captain. I'd also like to see.negotiations with the NHL to hold an outdoor game, maybe some sort of a "friendly" since I doubt the NHL would go for a regular season game in a non-NHL city. Also help with the stadium getting going perhaps.

So Moncton and Halifax are "competing" for that CFL team now?

Means nothing without an owner. It was hard enough to find an owner for the Argos, who would ever want to invest in an unknown market in a very small market.

Earl, you do realize they have played regular season games over seas the last few years, right?

Completely forgot about that Brad to be honest , so right! :thup:

Who says the team can't be community owned? We do still have some of those left in the league (Edmonton, Sask., Winnipeg).

I believe the the NHL game in dundas was regular season game as well no?



..the community of about 30,000 located northwest of Hamilton receives an NHL pre-season game played at the J.L. Grightmire Market Street Arena, $100,000 in arena upgrades, and a visit from Hockey Night in Canada.
Read more: [url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/story/2010/04/03/sp-hnic-kraft-hockeyville-winner.html#ixzz1UTqtMfzh]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/story/2 ... z1UTqtMfzh[/url]

Would the community back it? where would they get the money to back it? Edm, Sask, Winnipeg are much bigger communities that have a strong CFL traditon and have the support and backing of local businesses. Halifax or Moncton doesn't have any of that.

I think the CFL has to worry about the situation in Toronto with 15,000 fans only turning up for their first two home games.
Seems most CFL fans want to just ignore what's going on in Toronto and the attitude is "it will sort itself out" and if you raise the subject you get criticised for being anti-CFL or anti-Canadian. shhh we'd better not talk about it.

mikem, I think you're wrong about ignoring Toronto on the part of concerned CFL fans. Right now there are not many solutions to talk about. There is no football intimate facility on the horizon and it seems no ability to play at a renoed' BMO and the RC just isn't going to work it seems, horrible atmosphere. But with the 2012 GC in Toronto, Braley and the CFL will not be talking anything at all about the Toronto situation other than building up to the 100th. After that, then my venture is you'll start to see some public discussions. Until then, I just don't think it'll be anything unless a reporter starts egging on Braley and Cohon to start talking. Even then these guys are smart and I doubt you'll see them get cornered into a discussion. Sure the mayor in Toronto tried to upstage the CFL a month or so ago at the public news conference about the 100th talking about him going after an NFL team during his tenure. And Cohon did have to respond but again that died down although I wouldn't be surprised to see that mayor try and do this again with some sort of NFL talk whenever there is some news conference talking about the 100th. It seems he's on a mission for this NFL, seems it's his mission unless he's deflecting for some reason ie. hates CFL getting any news for whatever reason. :?

I was in Halifax over the last few days visiting family. Amazingly beautiful city and the people there are quite hospitable. Hey, even cab drivers there stop at corners to let you cross.

Anyway, it was late one evening and I was watching part of a city council meeting there on television. A woman was speaking (city councillor, I believe) and was noting that she did not think that putting up a stadium, in her opinion, would be that great an idea. Her thinking was that an additional venue would financially detract from other facilities for the ticket buying dollar and events coming to the city. Her thoughts were that there is only so much entertainment money in the family budget and these families would not necessarily add another attraction to their budget but rather switch from one to another. She also said that other organizations would not get funding, like Neptune theatre because so much money would be required for the stadium. That the arts and cultural institutions there offer more to families and children (school and family programs) and this she saw as having greater value to the community than a new stadium would provide. She was even concerned about the cost of a report on the matter as there were other financial reporting that the city is undertaking that were also underway. Again, I understand that this stadium report would be due in December.

If I heard correctly, and I was in a hotel room with two noisy children, the cost for this ballpark would be about 275 thousand dollars.

I wish I got her name, but unfortunately I was flipping channels at the time and caught this program already underway and they didn't caption her name while she talked.

Yes, this could be one person's outlook or it could be representative of a faction on city council, not sure.

Just thought, in light of this discussion, it was timely.

I hope it helps...

Same thing was said before Bob Young came along.......