Halifax building a new stadium?

Poster CFListhebest posted the following on the TSN website. Is this a fact? It's the first I've heard of it.

Halifax is also getting a new modern stadium in a couple of years , regardless if they have a CFL team or not
Does anyone have any details?

Might be able to find answers here


They might build a stadium for the Womens World Cup. It might be in a spot where it can be expanded. Maybe.

Halifax City Council isn't known for decisive action. So we'll see.

Did they award the WWC to Halifax already?

And hard to believe the Feds were previously going to grant Halifax $400 million for the Commonwealth Games and council spurned the offer..

Not as far as I know.

And yeah. Halifax missed the boat on that one. They really should be leading Moncton in terms of getting CFL games and such, but they just don't take advantage when opportunity arises the way Moncton does.

If awarded hosting rights to the Womens World Cup games, who will foot the bill for the stadium?
The Feds may think twice about regaling another subsidy offer after being spurned the first time..

No to get to excited by this as the political (un)will is talking about building a bleacher like high school version.
Far from what is needed for a full and or basic 25,000 seater.

Canada has been awarded the 2015 FIFA womens world cup. 7 cities have bid to get games and a minimum of six will be selected. Although it's likely if all 7 have suitable facilities, they'd all host. These cities are Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Moncton and Halifax.

The minimu requirement is a 20000 seat stadium for the event, so Halifax is looking at the possibility of building a stadium sicne they don't have one. Personally from an outside point of view, I honestly do believe they are legitimately considering building a stadium and I think it's likely they will build one. I just hope it's of use for a CFL team down the road.

So Halifax has a 6 in 7 chance to be selected for the WWC and a new stadium.

Those are great odds, however, the fact that council previously dismissed hosting the Commonwealth games while not taking $400 million the Feds were offering is troubling.

I’d like to see Halifax get off their duff, although I’m not holding my breath.

Small-town cheap :roll:

How soon they forget, Halifax had the best chance to build a proper spanking new stadium for the Commonwealth Games, but chickened out.
Now the left leaning politicians with no sporting will, want to revisit a bleacher like joke of a stadium?
They need to give their head a shake and then talk to the fine people and politicians of Moncton.
But that makes too much sense, regardless Moncton if they can get their act in gear with an owner and renovated stadium will get the next franchise.

Halifax hasn't come out with a stadium design or a budget yet, so it's hard to know what it will look like. To be honest, I don't see how Moncton's stadium isn't considered high school either. It's a very bare bones, 10 seat stadium. It is not CFL worthy yet. Lack of concessions, concourse is a bunch of rocks, no much washrooms, no suites, etc. It stilll has at least 50 million to go before it can be brought up to CFL standards.

No Toronto? With their lovely soccer specific MLS park? hrmmm.

And no Hamilton either, even with their new Ivor Wynne? hrmmmmm.

I believe that Toronto and Hamilton were not considered because of the Pan Ams, which are happening around the same time.

In fairness, the Nova Scotia provincial government withdrew from the Commonwealth Games bid before the city of Halifax did. IIRC, the costs of staging the games had been brought down to about $1.4 billion. Even with the federal government offering $400 million, that still would have meant that the city and any private investors crazy enough to invest would have had to come up with potentially $1 billion.

From what I have heard, the CSA has guaranteed both Halifax and Moncton games in the women's torunament in 2015, and the women's under-20 tournament in 2014, so long as Halifax builds a stadium at least equivalent to Moncton's.

IF council approves such a motion too.

Although Moncton doesn't have a CFL purpose stadium either. Over half of the Touchdown Atlantic seating is temporary, and there are little to no amenities whatsoever.

The private sector/government levels need to sit down and converse about building a suitable stadium and just get it done.