Halfway stats

Points for

Montreal 272
Hamilton 260
Calgary ..239
BC Lions 232
Winnipeg 219
Edmonton 209
Toronto ...200
Saskatchewan 192

Points Allowed

Winnipeg 184
Edmonton 197
BC Lions 219
Hamilton 227
Calgary ..238
Montreal 238
Saskatchewan 260
Toronto 262

The offense has been playing consistently well since the 3rd game of the season. I think the rookie receivers will be even more potent in the second half of the season. :thup:

I was looking at those stats a little earlier. I found it interesting that 6 out of the 8 teams have more points for than against. That means that the other two (Sask and Toronto - both more than 60 points in the hole) have been just awful.

Other stats of note:

  • Stala: #1 in TDs with 7 (tied with J Richardson, who couldn't quite make it into the end zone today - such a shame)
  • Chris Williams: #3 in receiving yards - only 1 yard behing Geroy Simon, despite not even starting the year on the active roster
  • Cobourne: #2 in rushing yards - slowly and steadily climbing with his 6th consecutive game of 60-yards-plus
  • Glenn: #2 in TD passes (although 4th in passing yards)
  • Hickman: #2 in sacks after getting two this afternoon
  • Medlock: #2 in kicking points - and actually #3 in field goal % - but #1 by a good margin in average distance per field goal

That's a lot of #2's to go along with our #2 in total points scored. I predict that the second half of the season will see us climb into the #1 spot in some of these categories.

Nice finds ExPat. :thup:

When the team starts wining, the stats begin to reveal the performances that get those wins.